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Create Your Dreams From Your Heart

Posted on October 10, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Some things in life are absolute and true. A few of them are:

You are powerful.

You have unlimited gifts and talents.

You are loved beyond measure.

You are here to SHINE.

You are here to bring all of your dreams into fruition.

Regardless of what you are experiencing in "human terms" at any time, your spiritual essence is always ready to take you somewhere higher, deeper and more loving. Your spiritual Self is always willing to expand and connect you with your heart's desire.

Everything begins in spiritual form before it comes into physical form.

It is essential to keep your thoughts and intentions focused on what you want to create.You don't have to know the "how" or the details. You just need to know the end result, first.

The process of creating your dreams begins with the energy of the end result.

Visual the energy coming together above your head.

See it moving down through your body.

Imagine it sitting in your heart space, glowing, beating, strong.

Your heart energy is the fastest way to connect to your highest intentions because it holds Love. Create from a place of Love and your dreams will benefit as many people as possible.

If you have an intention you want to create right now, please visit the Meditate Now space to focus on this energy. The music starts right away on this page.

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