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October 4: New Moon in Libra

Posted on October 3, 2013 at 10:05 AM

The New Moon at 12 degrees of Libra highlights diplomacy, valuable relationships, peace, intelligent exchanges, and pleasing social interactions. But you probably won’t find those qualities as easily right now because this New Moon activates the ongoing Cardinal Grand Cross and dynamics around how you share with others and if you really, truly play nice on the playground.

As I’ve described in recent radio shows, the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are associated with an energetic initiation of a season. Imagine all four seasons of the year wanting to begin simultaneously, yet each has a very different approach and motivation. How is it possible for all four initiations to exist and thrive at once??? It’s not. Which is why there is tension, conflict, confusion, and internal stress around which direction to go right now. Let’s take a look at dominant energies to find clarity.


Venus in Scorpio is the ruler of this New Moon and she squares Mars in Leo. Nothing about this energy exudes traditional Libran qualities, but there is value in what you are being pushed to see, acknowledge, and transform. To be brutally honest, perhaps you’re experiencing some of your own dark corners that can be dishonest, malicious, and power-hungry? Or do you feel jealous or envy moving through your veins? Libra reflects back what we are projecting out, including shadow work. Honestly acknowledging these parts of yourself is the heart of “doing your work” because it offers you the opportunity to bring anything “dark” up to the light for greater self-empowerment.

Some relationships in your life could be irksome, messy, and convoluted right now. We are transforming beyond what we’ve known our identities to be, YET not everyone is making the choice to transform and grow. These are probably the relationships you are struggling with on some level, yes? Are you wrestling with yourself about relationship decisions? Are you going back and forth about whether or not you should have a conversation of some sort “to talk it out”? Are you bearing a lot of responsibility for the whole situation and everyone’s lessons in it? The intensity of these themes will depend on how the energies are activated in your personal astrology chart.

Libra is associated with making informed choices after weighing the pros and cons. But as astrologer Rick DiClemente says in his brilliant book, The Exquisite Zodiac, Libra can stay stuck in comparison. Plus, Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node are all hanging out together in Scorpio, so this adds weight and potentially obsession to how our minds are processing these exchanges. Throw in the Cardinal Grand Cross, and it may feel like some areas of your life are stuck at the moment and you can’t see the out.

This is when Scorpio energy is a true gift: Something needs to die in order for a new birth to occur.

Are you giving your power away because that’s what you’ve always done (perhaps unconsciously)? Are you going through the motions in a relationship because it’s comfortable, safe, and you don’t want to rock the boat? Are you harboring deep resentment, anger, or other emotions that are actually blocking your transformation because you’re not releasing them? I know this isn’t a pretty list of questions, but that’s exactly the point – it’s time to get a bit dirty and purge what is complete.

Allow relationships, partnerships, and/or energetic exchanges to end peacefully so you can get in re-alignment with your identityand new life intentions.

That means standing on your own, in your power, with strength and resolve and huge doses of self-love.

And then others meet you in that energy so the beautiful new relations can occur.

Next up! A fantastical birth occurs in mid-October with the Lunar Eclipse in Aries. Look at where 25 degrees of Aries shows up in your natal chart and this is where you are ready for a new start that supports you, you, you.


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