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Light It Up! New Moon, New Year, New Energies

Posted on December 31, 2013 at 7:25 PM

We’re ringing in the fresh energies of 2014 with a Super New Moon! 2014 launches with a powerful New Moon at 11 degrees Capricorn that will set the energetic tone for the year ahead. How so, you wonder? Because the 11th degree in each Cardinal sign (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra) will be triggered throughout 2014.

~ Pluto in Capricorn (hits 11 degrees in January and stays there from July all the way to November): A slow churning up of debris, karma, relationships, patterns, energies that you are ready to transmute into a more powerful form. This means other things must die, but good news – what is complete can become fertilizer for the new.

~ Uranus in Aries (hits 11 degrees in March): Pulls back strongly on the “what I want” side of the tug-of-war rope and doesn’t care to wait around for a diplomatic solution. It’s GO TIME, baby.

~ Jupiter in Cancer (hits 11 degrees in Feb & March): Connects your heartstrings to your roots and taps into the wisdom you bring back into your sacred space. Redecorate to match your new energy, preferences, life, joys.

~ Mars in Libra (hits 11 degrees at end of April & beginning of May): Requires walking a balancing point between talking and running. Mars is not accustomed to waiting around during intelligent conversations that weigh the pros and cons of a decision.

Cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac and want to get things started, which is why they are associated with the beginning of each season. As we move through 2014, the desire to BEGIN AGAIN will keep popping up and CHANGE will be a guarantee. The ability to start something with new energy or from a fresh perspective will lead you to new opportunities, possibilities, and potentials you didn’t even know existed. Keep the expectation that change is a guarantee and this will assist with smooth transitions.

Change is not a one-time event; it is continual and long-term, qualities Capricorn knows all about. With four planets in Capricorn during this New Moon (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury), remember to slow down, take your time, plan for the marathon. Implementing a bit of caution and discernment are wise tendencies amongst all of the impulsive desires to start, go, move, act.

As we begin a new trip around the calendar, keep in mind that what matters most is your intention, being in the flow, and strengthening your continual connection to Source/God/Spirit/The Universe. We have no way ofKNOWING what the year ahead brings, but in some regards, it doesn’t matter when you have everything inside you already. You’re already prepared. You’re already suited up, trained, practiced, and ready to excel. You’ve got this. Or else you wouldn’t still be here! Seriously.

We will be given opportunities to demonstrate our Self-Love and Self-Respect through new endeavors, goals, choices, and honoring what is best for you. I’ll be honest – this may be uncomfortable at times. You may come up against hard decisions and foggy choices. Just remember to go within for your answers, and you’ll be golden. And we know this already – right?! So NOW is the time to put it all into action and demonstrate your mastery, excellence, wisdom, and LOVE.

Remember, the world needs LIGHT at this time. And that’s ALSO why you are here.

All the love and light at this beautiful starting point!


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