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October 15: New Moon in Libra

Posted on October 14, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Who’s ready for a little more harmony, peace, balance, and calm in their lives right about now?

Good news then, because that is the theme of Monday’s New Moon in Libra at 23 degrees. It’s a beautiful time to intentionally generate greater harmony within your Self and within relationships that are important to you. Harmony is about tapping into the flows of life and allowing energy to move forward. You are supported in developing more inner balance that supports connections as you work with the flow of relationships.

Look at how you are giving and receiving in relationships –is that energy out of alignment at all? Are you objectively seeing relationships for what they are? Are you sharing your values honestly and honoring the needs of others? The location of 23 degrees Libra in your astrology chart will show where this focus is especially highlighted.

Astrology is cyclical, dynamic and evolutionary, so I love to look at the continual themes that we are gifted with during any transit. For this New Moon in Libra, we are gifted with initiating new wisdom from relationship issues that came up in November 2011 and May through July of 2012. Saturn has been traversing Libra since late 2009, and we are looking at the periods of time where Saturn was at 23 degrees Libra. It’s a lovely time to initiate fresh energy and new beginnings in relationships that have been challenging. Most importantly, it’s important to find inner balance for yourself around relationship changes and endings you’ve experienced. Libra is about relationships and partnerships with others, but all relationships are built on the foundation of Self. Feed your own foundation now.

Jupiter in Gemini is trining this New Moon, however, it is in retrograde motion at this time. Jupiter in Gemini brings expansion to our daily lives, communications, and mental processes. While “in reverse” (as the retrograde implies), we have the opportunity to look at how our inner communication patterns have been working to support relationships, exchanging our ideas, sharing our worlds, and stimulating our thoughts. It’s a beautiful time to write, blog, journal, and share your inner life with the intention of clearing out mental space.

Mars in Sagittarius is trining Uranus in Aries, so take inspired actions that ignite your soul and self-identity. This is fast, uplifting energy, so you may have sudden insights or feel a flash of brilliance strike –follow it! Trust your Self and what you feel guided to pursue.

Overall, this New Moon is fairly quiet compared to the energies of this year. Yes, there is the continual Uranus and Pluto square happening, but that is a given; we’ll be evolving through that dynamic for years. Right now, allow yourself to see the beautiful harmony that is always apparent in natural elements: flowing streams of water, trees effortlessly transitioning between seasons, clouds drifting over the earth. Harmony, peace, and balance surround us in many ways in our daily lives. Call on its natural presence, quiet your mind, and connect to a period of stillness. All is unfolding perfectly.

Last week’s radio show focused on Saturn moving into Scorpio and the possible themes of this significant shift. Discover more about it here!


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