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Dec 13: New Moon in Sagittarius

Posted on December 10, 2012 at 9:30 AM

A New Moon in lively, exuberant Sagittarius invites us to open up our Souls to explore  broader perspectives, get out of inflated Ego-Mind limitations, and dash off on a daring adventure. After a full year of shifts, changes, and release, your Soul wants to expand, grow, learn, and experience everything on the grandest possible scale in the current energies. 

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet that is making his way through Gemini and is currently in retrograde motion until the end of January. We are reviewing some of our big dreams and ideas, and re-considering how to share them with a broader sense of Self. Jupiter is travelling through the same point where he was in July, and will be again in March, so know that a process is underway if you feel stuck about what to say, learn, or communicate. You are growing in this area and allowing new information to arrive. Right now it’s an ‘inside job’ more than an outward activity.

Sagittarius is the last full zodiac sign of the calendar year (since Capricorn extends into January) and is commonly associated with expansion, celebrations, and joyfulness. The tendency to overindulge can be prominent, as can big spending, over eating, and excessive generosity. Be mindful of how you use your energy and remember that it’s okay to hit the brakes and not do everything for everyone.  Look at the details and small print (something Sag has a tendency to rush through). Balance the need to overthink something (or everything) with the faith that you will make the right decision at the right time.

Also notable: right after this New Moon, Uranus turns direct after being in retrograde motion since July. Uranus is known as the "Great Awakener" and frees us from restraints that have held back any expression of Self. Uranus has a strong influence this week, and changes can happen quickly! New ways of expressing yourself may appear instantly and spontaneously as proof of how you have grown, expanded, and magnified your energy since the summer.

Themes for the New Moon at 22 deg Sag:

  • There is an ongoing need to ground ourselves intentionally in practical ways. As mentioned in the Lunar Eclipse report, connect to earth elements and be mindful of staying disciplined in your daily activities. You’ll be happy you made it to the gym come January. (Mutable T-square missing Virgo energy)
  • Female relationships may prove especially valuable and prosperous at this time. Connect with other women who share your passions. Open up and share your truth with authenticity. It’s a potentially great time for responsible investments and joint business ventures. (Venus conjunct North Node in Scorpio)
  • Unexpected communications could spur you to action in exciting ways. Get ready for breakthroughs and expansive ideas. Don’t go too far too soon; it’s okay to hold back and let a few things play out first. The need to talk a lot and be mentally stimulated could be overwhelming, so use your discernment amongst all of the stuff being thrown around and follow your own brilliance. (Mercury trine Uranus; sextile Jupiter)
  • What have you learned this year? How have you expanded your Soul knowledge in unprecedented ways? What new areas of Soul study call to you right now? (Moon and Sun in Sag)
  • Faith in yourself will guide the way. Believe in who you are and what you are here to learn. Communicate your truth from the heart with openness and acceptance. Life is an adventure and meant to be lived to the fullest! (Mercury, Sun and Moon in Sag)
  • Consciously choose what energy you want to initiate as 2012 ends. It may sound like a contradiction, but the buoyancy of Sagittarius prepares us for the work ethic of Capricorn.
  • What are your dreams for yourself in the new energetic paradigm? What are your highest visions of yourself as a Soul? What do you need to feel in alignment with your truth?


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