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Conscious Books: ONE: the mind aware

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 9:35 AM

ONE: the mind aware is the first coffee table book I've seen of its kind that I want to keep nearby and open often. It is a compilation of gorgeous artwork and images paired with illuminating quotes that remind us of our interconnectedness as a global family. Many of the quotes are new to me, and the artwork is original, so it's clear a lot of thoughtfulness went into making a timeless collection of inspiration. The clean layout allows the mind to breathe while absorbing the wisdom, a mood, feelings of peace and unity. 

This masterpiece was created by the non-profit organization New Momentum for Human Unity to encourage mindfulness and support human unity. Those intentions shine through with the energy of each page - it is truly something precious.

(And just to throw out there, this book would make a wonderful gift for yourself, your friends, or anyone pursuing their spiritual path.)

Check out some of the beautiful pages...

"Everything is connected; no one thing can change by itself."

~Paul Hawken

"The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually.

We have learned to fly in the air like birds and swim in the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple act of living together as brothers and sisters."

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

"We are already one. We just think we are separate."

~Thomas Merton

Check out more of the contributors and buy a copy here, my friend!

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52 New Thought Leaders offer you one thought a week to raise your energy, lift your perspective, empower your Heart, and more.

I'm a featured contributor (chapter 3!) and feel there is much wisdom in this single book.

"I highly recommend this intelligent and compassionate book."

~ Michael B. Beckwith

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