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Elevating Catastrophes With A Soul Perspective

Posted on December 15, 2012 at 1:25 PM

I felt guided to share with you some Soul insights on the recent Connecticut school shooting where 20 children and 6 adults died. I don't normally dive into these topics, but I felt the need to offer some higher perspectives for your consideration. So if you have a moment... 

When we see ugly catastrophes happening in the world, we can sink low into the hate, reactions, fears, and questions: "Why do these attacks happen? Why do innocent children and adults die? Why is violence so much more common place now? What is happening to the world?"


All of these questions address our human-ness and our ability to feel on deep levels. They recognize our capacity to connect with each other, regardless of zip code or socio-economic status, through a common experience. 

On personal levels, violent scenarios may trigger within us conscious and unconscious experiences of anger, bullying, being ostricized, feeling powerless, and other ways we have felt attacked in our lives. We instantly see the injustice, the suffering, the ugliness. We feel the pain of parents losing their children and people losing their loved ones. 

We ask, we wonder, we want to know the meaning of such a thing. We want to know what to do. We gather and pray. We light candles. We embrace. 

We open our hearts to each other even more.

 We can - and need to -  feel every single emotion in whichever way fits us. Absolutely. 100%. We are gifted with the ability to feel many things.

But we always have choices: We can circle in the fears, anger and questions for a very long time. Or we can choose to take the lower energies and all of the questions to a higher place of understanding.

When we own the fact that we are masters of energy, we have the ability to intentionally choose where to direct our energy next.

When our Hearts are broken wide open, we illuminate from that space and raise the global vibration.

For me, the Heart energy involves a Soul-level viewpoint about why these catastrophes happen in the first place. The answer I've felt, and heard, and observed many times comes down to this:

These events are an opportunity for humanity to grow and re-connect consciously with our individual and collective Heart power.

Personally, I do not believe in anything being "random" in our lives because energy is very intentional. Energy does not "just happen" and it does not come out of nowhere. It is created, often unconsciously, and then thrown out there, into the streets, the schools, the homes, the world. Humanity has been unconscious for so long that we have disconnected from this understanding of our own power. We've disowned it.

Until beautiful groups of Souls come forward on a mission to assist in reminding us how powerful our Heart energy is and how we are all connected.

Some perspectives to consider: 

What if every Soul that was involved in this scenario volunteered to play their role - even as heartbreaking as it feels and seems - to create greater heart openings and connections around the globe?

What if this exact situation was each person's Soul purpose and they chose to be a part of this energy to remind us of our connections to one another?

What if each Soul who is now on the other side of their human experience is cheering us on to understand the bigger meaning of this event? What if each Soul is asking us to see, feel and "get it" on deeper levels - that we need to respect, Love, forgive, and value each other from the Heart?

What if each soul volunteered to reflect energy of the collective mass consciousness back to us as a learning tool to use wisely and intentionally if we are ready?

What if a Divine Plan is involved in everything, in every event, in every catastrophe... What if there is perfection in this seemingly terrible experience... Can we raise our energies up to meet that higher place of understanding and support it?

A few ways to use your own Heart energy more effectively right now:

~ Who do you need to forgive in your life? Where are you holding onto anger, resentment, envy, or judgements? Who has let you down and you can't let go? Look at areas where you can elevate these emotions on a personal level. Make this transformation a conscious intention. When we each do this personally, we raise the energy for the collective.

~ Include humanity, the earth, the natural world, and every person on the globe in your meditations. Simply state the intention to willingly assist in any way possible. This creates the energetic connections of support, peace and Love. 

~ Be willing to slow down and recognize the people in your life. Honk less in traffic. Acknowledge the garbage truck man. Thank your postal delivery person. Smile at the cashier. Be PRESENT in your life and with the people you come in contact with on a daily basis.

~ Stop moving at any point in your day and send energy from your heart chakra OUT. Envision beams of Light emitting from your heart space: effortlessly, peacefully, joyfully. Allow the Light to flow as it needs to without directing it. Feel it coming back to you with force.

~ Say outloud, right now, as you look at this screen:

I choose Love in every area of my life now.

I AM Love now.

I AM Love now and I share this Love with the world now.

I send the highest possible expressions of Love to myself and the world now.

Whichever ways you choose to elevate the energy of catastrophes is your gift to humanity - and it matters. We can powerfully work with our emotions and reactions to both honor them and raise them up. We can honor and love each Soul who played a role in this event. And we can own our energy more consciously by declaring to be a vessel for great peace, Love, forgiveness, and gratitude regardless of external energies  

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