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2013 Spiritual Themes: Energetic Intentions

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Throughout this year, we have been given opportunities to look at how we use energy to create our life. What energy is pushing you forward? What intentions are guiding you to the next phase, opportunity, possibility? Are you noticing what needs to be completed and cleared out so a higher vibrating energy (trust, faith, joy, abundance) can take its place?   

High-vibe energy doesn’t lie, or try to skirt an issue, or wander aimlessly to kill time in the grocery store and then saunter through the bakery. Highly intentional energy is direct and clear, zooming right to the heart of the message, situation, or truth. We see it the most when "out-of-the-blue" developments and awesome opportunities show up - and then we may call it a miracle. Which it can be! But that's because you set the energetic intention and the Universe conspired to meet you in that space.

An intention is your motivation. It's your REAL reason for doing (saying, offering, connecting, creating) something. Get clear on your intention and the energy will follow suit and take off from there.

When everything in our life is flowing beautifully, and the wind is at our backs, and there is tons of money in the bank, oh yes, this energetic intention stuff is phenomenal!

But we can also receive very valuable information that we need to know even when we come up against the other “stuff” - the wind is blowing hard (er, spitting in our faces), things are foggy, the flows have stalled, and you're wondering what to do next because what you relied on has changed/ended/disappeared.

One of the best things you can keep front-and-center in your mind is how you consciously use energy when it appears that things are working "against" you. Observe the stuff that doesn’t look so pretty (fears, doubts, emotional intenstity, etc.) because that is where we have tons o' power to transmute unconscious "anything" into higher consciousness awesomeness.

For example, when you feel triggered with, say, judgment towards someone (you know...THAT person), observe where your mind goes next. What does the voice of judgment say? What is the message it's revealing? And how often do you "go there" in a day?

We don’t always want to look at these messages because we associate them with our self-identity or self-description (“I don’t want to be a judgmental/critical person!”;). 

From a higher level of consciousness, the message around judgement is for our Divine use so we can get to know our inner programming better. Once we identify what “it” is, then we can work with it from an empowered place, understand where it started from, detach from it and see it as a lower energetic expression that can be moved up, and create new supportive patterns and habits in its place. (Past life regression work and the Akashic Records are perfect for this! Also consider Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Core Belief Engineering.)

You may “see” something in another person first, but it could very well be a heads-up message from your Higher Self, so take the detached perspective that there is something for you to dive into and turn into gold for yourself.

Now is the time to refine and work with your energy and energetic intentions because we will be gifted with opportunities to know ourselves better throughout the rest of 2013. Your stuff will come up, other people’s stuff will come up, and we’ll all be given the choice to take the energy to higher places. Be in charge of it and own it, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Once you understand more about your inner workings, you can powerfully shift the lower vibe energies and get in better alignment with You. At that point, your new energetic intentions will be even higher, more vibrant, and so incredibly awesome that you may just want to live on a cosmic star, or that other galaxy far, far away where you can exist in your full expansive state for as long as you please. (Heads up: There are still no frequent flier miles to those stars and galaxies. Booo.)

A few thoughts for identifying energetic intentions:

What will make my energy rise in this situation?

What is my primary motivation in this situation/relationship/experience - and how can that intention benefit as many people as possible?

What is the clearest, most amazing expression of myself that I can experience regularly in this scenario?

To support your ability to get the most out of the rest of this year, I have a brand new astrological offering to identify your Power Days over the course of two months (you choose the time period).

What's the best time to "go for it," or make a change, or work with high energy? Are you planning something and need a schedule? Or are you curious about your personal energy for the next few months? Just let me know what you need, and we'll go from there!

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