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What Are You Celebrating in Your Life?

Posted on November 5, 2011 at 10:20 AM

At this place, in this moment, what are you celebrating in your life?

A beautiful answer from astrologer Pam Younghans:

"Today I am celebrating the joy of reconnection with Self.

There are many ways we lose conscious awareness of that connection, even when in our core beliefs we are assured that it is always there. And it is not necessarily because we do something “wrong” that distracts us from our knowing – it is more that we sometimes choose to go through certain experiences so that we might learn (again) the importance of our commitment to that Self.

About 15 years ago, I was working on relationship issues with a therapist who shared some shocking (at the time) news with me: My most important significant relationship was with myself.

That statement launched a discovery process that led me to the personal knowing of that core truth. And, along the way, I found out that not only was my most important significant other ME, this relationship with my Self was also the most rewarding relationship that is possible.

Over the intervening years, while never losing the knowledge of the truth of what I had learned, I did not maintain as much of that pure connection to Self as is ideal – or perhaps, as much as I need personally to stay in balance. It can be difficult (though not impossible) to be in intimate partnership and active participation in the world, and still maintain the integrity and intentionality of the internal connection to Self.

Today, as the result of another round of soul-searching and emotional catharsis that has taken several months, I am now once again celebrating the joy of reconnection with Self. As for most of us, it has not been a process without its challenges. Some elements of my outer life are having to adjust to there commitment I am making. And, some parts of my own personality are needing to be (re)educated about how and why we’re taking this step.

But, despite fears of the unknown, it is true that the joy and magic of being committed deeply to Self is reward in and of itself, and the benefits cannot be matched.

My challenge now is to maintain that connection and awareness – even while being in relationships with others and while actively participating in life -- on a more substantial level than before.

To assist in this process, I’m continuing to use some powerful statements that I’ve used throughout these past months. I say these aloud every morning, to reconfirm my commitment and to anchor the energy in the new day. I’d like to share these affirmations here, in case they also may be helpful to you:


I am thankful today for the perfect, divine timing of events taking place in my life.

I ask to feel the embodiment of my Soul’s essence and see the divinity that I am so that the changes can be made easily, effortlessly, and with great gentleness.

I ask that the connection and anchoring of my Soul into my being and physical body be magnified and reinforced to aid my complete embodiment of my Soul essence, wisdom, perspective, truth, love and purpose.

In Love and Light,


Pam Younghans lives in a log cabin outside of Seattle, Washington with her two dogs. She has been interpreting astrology charts for over 30 years, and has been reading charts professionally since the mid-1980s. Visit Northpoint Astrology to read Pam's weekly forecast and follow along on her blog as she shares more insights and experiences about the prevailing energies.

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