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12 Spiritual Laws

No More Secrets: The 12 Universal Spiritual Laws Revealed


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If you’ve been alive on Planet Earth for the last 10 years, you’ve surely heard about The Secret phenomenon, the Law of Attraction, and the plethora of on-going discussions about how (and from some people, if) this concept of “attracting” really works. It’s certainly been a dinner party conversation-starter and created a frenzy of LOA experts on Twitter.

But did you know the Law of Attraction is only one of the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws?

Yep, there are 11 more Universal Spiritual Laws circling us that can help you become your highest possible Master of Self. I started with these principles nearly 11 years ago and my personal story is below. 

Basic tenets of the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws:

  • They simply are. Like gravity, Universal Spiritual Laws exist with no requirement from a human mind to ‘agree’ to them or with them. 
  • There is no hierarchy. All Laws are equal in importance and effect. In this workshop they are presented in a pre-determined order so we can build upon some and reference others, but there is no specific number 1, number 2, etc. They are all equal.
  • The choice is human. Universal Spiritual Laws are occurring for all of us at all of the time, but we must decide to consciously use them in the highest possible way. They have already chosen to work with us; we must choose to work with them in return.
  • Learning a new Law can take time and effort because it requires a new way of thinking about, understanding, and working with energy. Time can be required to see results, so don’t give up or lose hope; miracles can happen at any moment. (We’ll talk more about this in the Law of Detachment.) Even if you can't results right away, energy is  changing around you. 

 Read on to learn more and hear my story. Or click on a Law to get started.

Hindsight Is Always 20/20....

On a cold Seattle day in January 2001, I unknowingly met a woman who would change my life forever.

I had an hour appointment with her and was running nearly 20 minutes late due to awful traffic. I was beyond embarrassed by the time I parked outside her studio and thought the appointment would be cancelled. I ran to the door in my high heels, dodging raindrops, and sheepishly knocked. I was welcomed inside with the warm aroma of three burning candles, a hot cup of tea, a cozy pair of slippers - and my life’s spiritual journey began.

This magical woman opened me up to the Universe, God and a cosmic perspective that revealed more than I ever could have imagined existed beyond my 9-to-5 job. She explained relationships, possibilities, God, energy, and life-dream-making-stuff with examples and words I had never experienced in my 24 years. Our 40 minutes together was full and rich. I flew home with a high I couldn’t even put into words.

For the next eight years, I had on-going appointments with her to learn more about making my dreams come true. In each session she taught me how we can create anything we could possibly want in this big, incredible world. And she helped me do that a number of times, including when I moved to Paris on a wing and a prayer – and found I could soar.

Years later, I didn’t have words for everything I’d been learning until I stumbled upon the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws. “Heeey…. I’ve been studying and practicing these for over ten years now! And I never even knew they had a fancy-schmancy name!”

Some of my results in recent years as I’ve worked with the Universal Spiritual Laws include: Finding my Kindred Spirit after ending tons o’ karmic contracts; Understanding my Divine life purpose; Becoming an intuitive and channel; A free upgraded first-class plane ticket; New (perfect) jobs from out of the blue; Earning thousands of dollars unexpectedly in a week (such a good week); A windfall of cash in the mail; Perfect housing in Paris – twice!; Free shipping of international luggage (5 bags!) and even… a free car. Really. (Whoa, it’s kinda crazy to see it all when I make a list…)

But the point isn’t what I’ve done; the point is anyone can create the life of their dreams – and numerous joys along the way - as long as they know all of the Universal Spiritual Laws.

So I’m going to teach them to you. Or more accurately, I’m going to remind you of this Divine knowledge that you already know and carry in your Soul. You already have the answers. Now it’s time to reveal them more fully.

So, What Are They?

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