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The Law of Compensation

What the Law of Compensation Means

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The Law of Compensation revolves around the concept of giving and receiving of like energy. This Universal Spiritual Law is in your life as a direct reflection of the amount of energy you put into action.  What you receive is of the equal value to the energy you initiated. There is always a continual balance of energy in motion, so when you give a lot of energy and put it out into the world, you will receive an equal form of that energy in some manner in return. Compensation can be through a multitude of energetic forms: money, attention, opportunities, awards, criticism, judgment, fear, trust, love and so on.

The “secret” with this Law is that energy begins with you. You are powerfully creating, giving and sharing all the time with your words, thoughts, actions and feelings. It is crucial to understand that the Law of Compensation will highlight your expectations and true intentions. Expectations are a form of fear because they assign an outcome to something without a high level of trust. If you give and create with faith, joy, trust and heart, you will receive those qualities back. If you give and create with dread, resentment, fear and anger, you will receive that same energy in return. If you are not receiving what you want at all, it is because you are not giving enough of it.

What the Law of Compensation Looks Like In the Real World

Like all Universal Spiritual Laws, there are numerous examples of the Law of Compensation in the Real World. Two areas where it is highly noticeable are in the forms of bartering and recognition.


The most common form of literal compensation in the modern world is through performing a skill and receiving a paycheck. We contribute the energy of our talents, gifts and abilities to receive financial energy in return. The monetary system was created to balance the energy of people providing skills in order to meet living needs. A bartering system that does not involve money opens up the possibilities for receiving in different forms. Most people believe they need money to survive, yet what they are truly looking for is what the money can buy in other forms of energy. For example, a weekly paycheck is received and the worker uses it to buy a weekly supply of food. Money is a form of compensation being used to buy another form of compensation (food). In a society without money, one hour of work could equal 1 basket of fruit and the same compensation would be met. Money and bartering are the Law of Compensation in action to reward and balance energy in motion.

[Please note: This is not an argument for or against the use of money; it is simply an example of how money is used as one way to balance the giving and receiving of energy.]

Appreciation and Resentment

The Law of Compensation can show up in numerous forms, including emotional reactions. Our immediate unconscious emotional reactions reflect our expectations, attachments and intentions. When we give something, we have driving motivations that reveal our needs, such as verbal appreciation for a job well done or a simple thank you. There is no judgment around needing appreciation.  It is simply worthwhile to point out that every “thank you” is the Law of Compensation in action because it is a form of receiving back after energy was given.

Notably, when the expectation of appreciation is not met it can turn into resentment. This reveals the underlying intention had a need that was not fulfilled. Resentment that is not released creates the experience of receiving more unmet expectations. Each time a resentment forms is an opportunity to acknowledge and release unconscious expectations, or else the Law of Compensation will bring back to you more forms of the energy you are exuding so you can learn to release it as many times as you choose.


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