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Soul Imprint Astrology Session (Returning Clients)


Around the sixth month of your mom’s pregnancy, your Soul merged with your developing physical body. The day your Soul entered physical form is a separate astrology chart that provides personal information about your Soul’s energetic imprint, and with this chart, we can examine your energy on a deeper level, including the convergence zone between You as a Soul, you as a human being (natal chart), and your mother’s Soul role in your life.

In this session, we’ll look at the energetic signatures of your Soul Imprint chart and go into more about what your Soul wanted to focus on in this lifetime. Then we’ll pair this chart with your natal chart to discover themes, talents, healing, and potentials that are re-iterated in both charts. The synchronicity is amazing!

The Soul Imprint is also a gateway to your Soul Guides and a connection to meeting more of your spiritual team.  

Please note:

~ Includes MP3 digital recording of our session

~ Includes up to 1 hour of my prep time for this 60-minute session


*The $88 rate is for returning clients who already have their natal astrology chart on file.

If you are a new client, please go here and select Soul Imprint Astrology Session.

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