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The Law of Relativity

What the Law of Relativity Means

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The Law of Relativity provides perspective on every person’s journey and path of growth. It states that everyone experiences circumstances, feelings, thoughts and relationships relative to where they are on their soul’s growth. Each of us is on a singular life path with lessons and themes that overlap, but we are not the same in how we move through those lessons and their purpose in our lives. This Universal Spiritual Law is truly about acceptance of ourselves as individuals within the collective.

Every soul has lessons it agreed to experience and master in the highest possible ways. Your energetic vibration will determine the intensity, reaction and ability to move through each lesson in the best possible way. There is no comparison about who is faster, quicker or more skilled in learning their lessons. You create your life relative to your place in it, your perceptions, your experiences, and your emotional nature. You draw to you everything that reflects who you are and your energetic vibration at the time.

Astrological Connection


The Law of Relativity is associated with the changing tides of Cancer and its ruling planet, the Moon.

As the Moon rises and sets in a cyclical fashion, it is a source of energy that ebbs and flows continuously and affects the earth’s biggest resource, the oceans. The astrological sign Cancer rules the Moon as a reflection of changing moods, a nurturing mother, the inner child, and the emotional foundation of an individual’s life. Cancer is commonly known to be empathetic, loving and willing to express emotions in all their glory and extremes. It is comfortable going to the depths of one’s emotional core.

At its highest expression, Cancer will pour its heart and energy into taking care of others, being a supreme mother figure, initiating emotional changes and ruling the inner domains of home. At a lower vibration, Cancer can be defensive, vulnerable, overly emotional and out of touch with practical matters. This sign can be more comfortable with the private matters of life more so than public appearances.


{Although your astrological sun sign may not be Cancer, every person carries the energy of every sign within themselves. Look to your birth chart to discover where Cancer energy is centrally located in your life. Free birth charts are available at}

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