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The Law of Energy

What the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy Means

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The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that all energy is in continual motion with the intention of moving from dark to light and lower to higher vibrations. Energy is occurring at all times and in numerous ways around us because its natural purpose is to grow, evolve and transform into higher expressions and state. We see this occurring most naturally in the ever-changing seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) and in the earth and atmosphere’s natural elements (oceans, trees, clouds, Sun, etc.). Energetic transmutation is the natural state of all things.

All objects, people, events and matter are composed of energy with the ability to transform. The chair you sit in is created by the energy of each individual material (wood, nails, glue, etc.) brought together to form a chair. The energy of the chair evolves as it ages and the movement of energy within the chair is most noticeable if the materials are not protected with polish, from water damage, and so on. Your car is composed of individual materials, plus the energy of mechanics and gasoline, collectively working together to move the vehicle on the road. Your individual energy is created by the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and physical body you carry with you at all times. An event or situation is composed of collective energy from each person who attends it and the energy they contribute to the experience. And so on.

On an individual level, the Law of Energy works with us in the form of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings; each one of these holds energy. Every thought and feeling carries a vibration that exists on an extensive continuum from dark to light. The highest purpose of energy is to move each further up the energetic continuum as that is the nature of healing: to move lesser emotions, thoughts and beliefs up to higher expressions. Yet when energy does not move forward and instead becomes stuck, it creates another form of energy (such as anger, sadness, depression, grief, illness, etc.) that must still be moved forward in some manner. Energy is always in motion and does not stop, even when it appears to be halted.


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What the Law of Energy Looks Like in the Real World

The Law of Energy in the Real World looks like “everything.” This is an endless category and can be applied to numerous examples. Below are a few ways to consciously use energy for your personal growth and healing transformations.


Affirmations are thoughts that focus on higher levels of energy. The mind can easily revert to outdated thoughts, beliefs and feelings that on a conscious level a person wants to change. Affirmations assist with this process by introducing new possibilities for the mind to connect and understand. For example, if there is a fear around lack of money, affirmations can provide reassurance that “all my needs are being met now and there is an endless flow of abundance in the universe.” Affirmations introduce higher vibrating thoughts into the mind and can create new energy based on these new thoughts. However, it is important to note that in order for true, permanent change to be addressed, an individual must look at their unconscious beliefs and fears that form the foundation of their personal energy, and be willing to do the change work required to release and let go of these patterns.


The Law of Energy pertains to food since it is a nutritional source that contains energy that contributes to our personal energy. The quality of food we digest affects the quality of energy we experience. Look at food from a historical perspective. It is only in recent years that veganism has become a mainstream concept. More documentaries are being made about sources of nutrition. Individuals are openly commenting on what they eat, where it comes from and how it is grown. All of these trends reflect how the energy of nourishment is moving forward and becoming a conscious lifestyle choice. An increasing number of individuals are becoming aware of food as energy for the body from a grander perspective: where food comes from is the energy we carry inside of us. When animals are fed certain ingredients, we digest that. When plants are grown in specific conditions, we digest that. When food is processed, treated and canned for longevity reasons, we eat those treatments. The Law of Energy is in affect as we consume and nourish ourselves. The choice is to which extent we want to experience higher energy in our physical selves and to make those choices in our nourishment selections.


Every emotion exists on an energetic spectrum that ranges from deep, unconscious core fears up to the highest expression of Divine Love. Emotions are meant to be expressed and released as a tool for healing. Each individual chooses, consciously or unconsciously, how to use emotional energy in their life, and unfortunately, there is very little information circulating about how to do this in the most beneficial way. Messages of “Love, Light & Bliss” and “Be Happy Now” can do more harm than good because they encourage the suppression of authentic feelings. The Law of Energy supports emotional release and expression as a form of spiritual advancement and self Love with the intention of healing and growing.


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