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How Do You Use Your Energy in Unexpected Chaos?

Posted on October 23, 2011 at 4:35 PM
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We are always using our personal power through the choices we make with our energy.  At any given moment in a day, we are making unconscious or conscious choices about what we want to direct effort towards, and as a result, we are continually contributing energetically to a situation, relationship, feeling, thought, and so on.

This week’s Universal Spiritual Law focus is on the Law of Energy, and wouldn’t ya know it, I was given an opportunity to consciously use this Law in an unexpected place. :) Here’s what happened:

I needed to run a few errands one afternoon, but I wasn’t in a huge rush to get to the store. So I took the lazy back roads and meandered through side streets with the radio turned up to a favorite song. I arrived at the main artillery lined with stores, restaurants and parking lots. As I pulled closer to the red light ahead, I stopped before the entrance to a parking lot so I wouldn’t block traffic coming in and out of it. A woman in a white car exited the lot, turning into my lane in front of me, as the red light stood still.

The light turned green and all cars proceeded ahead. The white car moved forward maybe five feet and then stopped. I waited for her to continue on through the green light, but nothing happened. I saw her throw her hands up in the air and hit the steering wheel. The hazard lights went on.

While this was unfolding, another car had pulled in right behind me at the last minute. This vehicle from out of nowhere was now blocking the parking lot driveway and both lanes of traffic behind us. But she couldn’t move forward because I couldn’t move forward, and here we all were: stopped behind a stalled vehicle with lines of cars gathering.

I sat in my vehicle with high annoyance at the woman in front of me and the woman behind me. Both were blocking movement and acting frantic due to the traffic piling up around us. But I knew one thing: I was in this situation for a reason.

If I had taken the main roads or driven a little faster along the side streets, my timing and arrival in this incident would have been completely different.  I was the closest person to the stalled car and it was now my choice what energy I wanted to contribute to make things better – or worse.

I rolled down my window as the woman in front of me jumped out of her car, circling. She didn’t know what to do. “Can I help you with anything?” I yelled outside. She looked over at me almost near tears.

“I ran out of gas. Can you push me to the gas station?” I could barely understand her, but through the intersection, across five lanes oftraffic, she was pointing to a gas station on the corner. No way could my weak biceps help with that massive task, especially at the risk of blocking an intersection. I replied regretfully, “I’m sorry, I can’t help with that…” I felt awful and looked around for any men who may be able to assist. Every face behind every windshield was scowling.

She popped open the trunk and grabbed a red fuel container, continually pacing. Meanwhile, the woman behind me was trying to reverse her car to get out of the lanes of traffic she was blocking. I heard profanities being shouted somewhere behind us and occasional honking.

The woman was pacing with the fuel container, not knowing what to do or where to go. I noticed she had a dog in the car. She came up to my window and asked, “Is it okay if I leave my car here?” That’s when I saw she was partially-deaf and her arm movements were her sign language skills trying to communicate with someone, anyone.

I nodded, “Yes, it’s okay to leave your car here. Do not worry about it right now. It will be okay.” She visually exhaled and her shoulders dropped. She could understand my message even if she didn’t hear all of the words.

And that’s when I realized my reason for being in this chaos was to provide comfort to this woman amongst the chaos. I could be the calm, strong energy that was needed. We were surrounded by people creating more chaos, unconsciously moving about with erratic decisions and gross words. Which, to be honest, was my first internal gut reaction as well: to get frustrated, take it out on the person in front of me, and try to remove myself from the situation by any means necessary, even if it made things worse.

But there was a bigger lesson here about consciously using my personal energy and I was being given an opportunity to make a new decision. This woman just needed someone to tell her it’s going to be okay. And I could do that for her if I was willing to ignore the other chaos around us, rise above my own immediate frustrations, and not contribute more unconscious energy to the situation.

I leaned out to ask her, “Your dog – is your dog okay in the car?” She glanced into the windows, then back at me and said yes as she signed with her hands. I nodded okay. Then she took her gas canister and walked to the corner gas station.

I will confess that I did not feel the same care for the woman behind me. She was yelling at me to move up, completely oblivious to the full situation. In fact, she was blocking more traffic than the woman in front of me due to her erratic last-minute lane change.  

I remembered to breathe and decided I will not engage in her energy. For the time being, I simply focused on moving my Audi out of the chaos with peace knowing I did all I could (even though I wished I could do more). I was able to extract myself from the mess after performing a reverse parallel-parking move. I couldn't let myself stay boxed-in with others' energy and choices.

One interpretation of this event is that it was simply a kind thing to do and assist with someone else’s temporary trouble. Yet every situation in our lives offers us new levels of awareness if we are open and willing to understand why it is happening.


If a car runs out of gas, the driver is probably literally running on fumes in other areas of their life. If a person is deciding to make last minute erratic decisions with no concern about other people, they are probably experiencing the same chaos in their relationships and life decisions.

The way we use energy in one area of our life is how we use it in every area of our life. Luckily, we are also given opportunities to continually improve it.

I made the connection that this experience is highlighting another area of my life where I am witnessing a lot of chaos with people making unconscious actions. I confess I sometimes get swept up into it at times.

But we always have a choice in how we use our energy when we stop, breathe, and focus on calmly grounding ourselves no matter how many distractions are swirling about. How we choose to use our energy is how we choose to use our power, and thankfully there are many ways to improve this on a daily basis. I know that’s why I found myself in this situation and what I had to practice.

I’m grateful this woman stalled in front of me because she gave me the gift of practicing being calm during unexpected chaos and a reminder that we always have a choice about which energy we contribute to our interactions.

To learn more about The Law of Energy, go here!

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