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The Law of Action

What the Law of Action Means

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The Law of Action states that we must initiate movement in some manner to create the life and outcomes we want. The Universe waits for us to act. Energy is in continual motion and we direct it in multiple ways with feelings, thoughts, beliefs and movement. Free will combined with intentional action shows energy where to go, and then the Universe knows how to support our wishes, dreams and desires by co-creating the outcome we seek.

The Law of Action can be used in its highest form by simply becoming clear on an intention and taking a few steps forward in that area. If you want a new job, you must prepare and write your resume, apply for positions, and get the ball rolling by creating energy in that direction of your life. The basic actions tell the energy where to go in order to create a variety of possibilities and outcomes."

Astrological Connection

All astrological signs carry their own methods of exerting energy, yet the domain of movement is typically associated with Aries and its rulings planet Mars,

Aries energy at its highest form is about personal and spiritual advancement through direct action. It is commonly associated with warrior energy because its guiding desire is to experience personal advancement, overcome challenges, and be courageous in the world. However, the lesser forms of Aries can lead to self-involvement, overdeveloped competitiveness, inner and outer frustrations, and not seeing a task through to completion. The most enlightened use of Aries energy is the intention to grow to one’s highest levels of personal development and to lead with the heart to one’s dreams.

Aries wants to “light the flame” and initiate new energy with gusto. The Law of Action reflects this willingness for change, advancement and being a pioneer in undeveloped territory as the Soul continually evolves.

{Although your astrological sun sign may not be Aries, every person carries the energy of every sign within themselves. Look to your birth chart to discover where Aries energy is centrally located in your life. Free birth charts are available at}


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