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The Law of Abundance

What the Law of Abundance Means

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The Law of Abundance states that there is plenty and prosperity in all things. The Universe holds abundance in all energy forms and provides unlimited options for anything and everything we could want or need. Abundance is not simply about wealth or financial energy; it is a mindset that everything you need will be provided for you because the Universe exists in abundance.

This Universal Spiritual Law connects directly to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. Your energetic vibration determines what you attract, and what you attract comes to you in abundance. Look around your life and observe your patterns and beliefs about love, success, money, creative expression, and personal fulfillment. There will be a common thread between all areas of life that will be evident through the Law of Abundance. If you are trusting in one area of your life, it will show up in all areas. If you are fearful in one area, it will also show up in all areas since it relates to the same root cause.  The key determinant is the energetic vibration you hold around self-worth.


What the Law of Abundance Looks Like in the Real World

Like all Universal Spiritual Laws, there are numerous examples of the Law of Abundance in the Real World. Let’s look at two areas of life where it is the most obvious: nature and finances.


Any natural element exists in plenty: hundreds of leaves on a tree, thousands of grains of sand on a beach, millions of stars in the sky. Every part of nature has abundance and experiences abundance through each season. Every leaf falls to the ground in fall. All the grass grows in the spring. Every flower contains multiple petals, buds and seeds for continual growth and prosperity. There are millions of gallons of water in the ocean continually flowing around the globe. Nature demonstrates effortlessly the flow of abundance across many forms and examples of transition. Even when the seasons change, there is still enough to keep surviving and make it through to the next harvest.

Financial Status

Perhaps the most noticeable areas of life where we look to this Law for examples are money and financial assets. As previously stated, there is a continuum of experiences around abundance from deep poverty to great wealth.

Poverty Consciousness shows up in financial stress, worrying that there won’t be enough to pay the monthly bills and the mindset that money must be earned through hard work and effort. Compare this to Prosperity Consciousness which believes that there is plenty of ways for needs to be fulfilled, multiple opportunities for financial energy to exist in life and the knowingness that money can be given and received freely and easily. Arriving at this mindset requires undoing unconscious programming that may have existed for numerous generations within a family, a culture, or within deep layers of Self. There is never a lack of abundance. However, one can experience an abundance of lack.

It is worthwhile to note that being wealthy does not necessarily mean that one has Prosperity Consciousness. As a tool, money can be used for power, fear, personal growth, soul lesson agreements, family legacy issues and numerous other reasons. Money alone is not the hallmark of the Law of Abundance. Rather, the issue of self-worth is still a vital factor in financial experiences and how one believes they are being taken care of in the Universe. Consider lottery winners who win, and then lose, millions. Look at families that have a long legacy of wealth yet still fear “losing it all.” Consider individuals who only have money in their lives and no healthy relationships, family support, or personal fulfillment. Each of these examples relates back to self-worth and a person’s connection to the spiritual purpose and supply of abundance.



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