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Six 60-minute Master Marketing Coaching Sessions

Get ready for your business to be at a whole new level in only half a year!

Over the course of six months, we will meet six times to take you exactly where you want to go with your sales and clients, plus you'll be set for long-term growth and continual success.

Ready to elevate your online presence?

In our time together, you'll receive right-to-the-point guidance, practical direction, and actionable steps to take to reach your marketing objectives with clarity and results.

Tell me your biggest hurdles right now, and I'll give you solutions that fit your style. I'll share with you honest feedback about your current online platform and provide helpful changes to make now.

We can cover a few topics in our hour together, including how to improve your social media networks, email list building, increasing sales of your books, products and services, developing your influence, bringing in new clients, reviewing your website for effectiveness, and anything else on your mind.

Plus, I'll assist you with developing your own on-going marketing game plan to keep the energy and results showing up in the months ahead.

By the end of a session, you will have greater clarity, a known direction to follow, and innovative marketing tactics designed specifically for YOU (you-you-you).

Bring on the abundance and success!

In addition to our six one-on-one sessions, this selection includes:

~ Downloadable mp3 recording of each session

~ One hour of my time reviewing your website and current marketing efforts before our session

~ Detailed guidance and actionable steps going forward



Special Instructions: Please provide your website.

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