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Welcome to April! Let's give the Earth some love

Posted on April 5, 2014 at 4:20 PM

{Latest newsletter} Welcome to April! Is this the most insanely fast year or what?

We have entered the most energetically intense month of 2014. Are you feeling it on some level? There is a heightened sense of anxiety, uncertainty, wonder, and possibilities. You may feel edgy at times, or fearful, or insecure, or insanely confident. The extremes are higher as waves of "new stuff" are pulsing through the air, prodding us to be more than we've ever been before. Parts of you could be resisting; parts of you could be wildly excited. An intensity is moving through us because it is time to move forward from "who you have been" into "who you really are" - big doses of trust and opportunities to leap will be required.

On a human level, this is new. On a soul level, it's a perfectly planned opening to more of You.

Astrologically, this is a crazy-powerful time because April offers turning points for us individually and collectively. I outline more of the astrology milestones here, including the two eclipses, the Cardinal Grand Cross, and the Pluto-Uranus square. I cannot remember a single month in recent years that held this much energy.

Depending on where in your astrology chart these significant transits occur is where you are ready for change. And because there are many transits going on, it means many areas of life are energetically heightened and will be changing over the next few months and into the rest of the year.

The one thing you can count on: You are ready for whatever changes, breakthroughs, opportunities, and insights come your way. You really, really are ready on a soul level, even if your Ego-Mind fights it or dives into fear.

One of the most effective ways for dealing with anything new is to EMBRACE it. Don't struggle against the change because that creates greater strife within yourself.

Instead, go into a detached observer mode and describe what you're feeling to yourself: I am feeling (this emotion) because I do not know what will happen next. I am feeling (this emotion) because I am afraid of (insert your fear). I am feeling (this emotion) because (insert your reason).

This simple practice of being a neutral observer is grounding. You may have a whole bevy of emotions come up throughout the month. And that is normal! You are multiple layers of energies and all parts of yourself need to be heard. And loved. And hugged. And supported.

Because ultimately, when you love and acknowledge yourself in the present you connect with the best of yourself that is always available regardless of external circumstances. It's a very exciting time to be evolving and growing because there are higher vibrations and frequencies available to us than ever before. This means greater EASE, PEACE and LOVE can guide you forward.

Our beautiful Earth is feeling the energy right now, too. I have a free app on my phone called Earthquake Alert! (Android), and I look at it almost daily. Since the New Moon on March 30th, numerous locations along the Pacific Rim have experienced many earthquakes measuring 3.0 or higher on the Richter scale: Japan, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, India, China, Alaska, California, Honduras, and Chile have all been moving. 

Plus, many places not known for earthquakes have been shaking, including Utah, Idaho, Yellowstone National Park, Oklahoma, Greece, and Romania.

Let's take a quiet moment and send loving prayers to our brothers and sisters in Chile who have been rocked by 8.2 and 7.6 earthquakes in recent days.

Earthquakes remind us how we are all connected by the physical world. On a soul level, we each consciously chose to be here at this time and we have the ability to support each other globally. Include the world in your prayers, meditations, and intention. The energy we consciously create now truly makes a difference.

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