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Conscious Ego Energies

Posted on April 10, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Big energy changes have a tendency to active our egos more. Have you noticed that in yourself?

The ego wants to be in control, wants to know what to do next with certainty, and wants to be RIGHT. It searches for validation, acknowledgement, and a way to "win" an argument or obtain the top prize. Unhealthy ego behavior can involve excessive competition, too much pride, righteous indignation, and power struggles. You can probably find examples of any of these in your life experiences, right?

Right now, we're being given the opportunity to trust more, take a bigger risk, stretch a little further, step outside a comfort zone. Everything you want to create or experience next is probably OUT THERE and not known right now... yes? Which makes it the prime time for the ego to freak out on some level and grasp for safety! 

And whether you've been on a spiritual path for awhile, or all of this is new to you, it seems that many teachers and experts will tell you that the Ego is BAD. Baaaaaad. It's the enemy, the part of you that needs to be destroyed, something to be put away forever. Die, ego, die (insert sound of fatal knife stabbing).

The ego gets a bad rap because we see many unhealthy displays of it in our modern lives - and then we take that "ego is bad" messaging and we turn it inward on ourselves. Am I bad cuz my ego is acting up right now?

Which only creates greater inner struggle. Or guilt. Or shame. Or self-judgment. Or unreasonable expectations of Self.

Because we ALL have an ego. It's alive within each of us. It's part of you and your self-identity on some level.

I don't think it's realistic to expect yourself to be ego-less while you are a human.

The ego isn't the bad guy. It's just highly misunderstood and excessively over-used.

Carl Jung described the ego as the dot in the middle of this circle.  The ego is part of you, but it is not ALL of you.

And we all know people who have a VERY big dot in the middle, right! :)

The circle AND the dot represent all of you, all of your full Self.

Now look at the circle again, and see all of the space within it? The smallness of the ego in comparison to the vastness of its whole? Now imagine how that dot in the middle can INTEGRATE with the other elements of Self and support it.

There are healthy ways to consciously use your ego energy so that it uplifts you, everyone around you, and adds many benefits to your life. This understanding will lead to greater self-acceptance, as well as how you can practice healthy ego energies on an on-going basis.

[Know what's also cool about that image? It's the astrological glyph for the Sun, which is your I AM energy. And did you know Carl Jung also studied and practiced astrology? Yep, he combined astrology and psychology in his studies and professional practice.]

If you've ever wondered how to get a handle on your ego energy, I share more insights about this important topic on this week's radio show. Equally important, I'll share how to take care of yourself if you are on the receiving end of an onslaught of ego energies - yiiiikes! - and how to consciously connect with your power.

Your ego can work for you in courageous ways as we move through April and the rest of this year. It's an ally, not the enemy.

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