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The Law of Attraction

What the Law of Attraction Means

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The Law of Attraction states that you bring into your life events, people, things, feelings and experiences that contain the same energy as you do. The “attraction” component is your own energy coming back to you. As you release fear-based energies and consciously bring in greater Love-based energies, you will attract more Love-based events, people, things, feelings and experiences around you.  Everything in your life has been attracted to you based on your energetic vibration. You are powerful and what you attract reflects how you are using your power, consciously or unconsciously.

Previously, we looked at the Law of Vibration to understand how that Universal Spiritual Law operates; now it will assist in understanding the Law of Attraction better.

Consider the Law of Vibration as a magnet. It could have many descriptors, so let’s say it is a big blue magnet. It carries the energy of a big blue magnet based on the materials it is composed of in this form, and therefore it is different than a small pink magnet or heavy yellow magnets which are composed of different qualities. Under the Law of Attraction, the big blue magnet will pull in other items possessing the exact same energies, such as other big blue items. It will not attract items with small pink energies or heavy yellow energies; it can only attract items that hold the same energetic vibration as it does. When the magnet changes color or form, it will then attract differently based on those changes.  

When we look at the Law of Attraction, we see that everything around us has been pulled in due to a common energetic vibration. When we change our vibration, we change what we attract and move into another level of healing, growth and energetic paradigms.

What the Law of Attraction Looks Like In the Real World

Like all Universal Spiritual Laws, there are numerous examples of the Law of Attraction in the Real World. Let’s look at two areas of life that often bring us the greatest learning and growth: relationships and creativity.

Fulfilling Relationships

The Law of Attraction is in action through our relationships at every stage of our life. Relationships exist with another person because we carry the same energy as they do in some form. The energy could be related to a temporary lesson, soul-level healing, unresolved karma, deep respect, soul-based Love, or a number of other possibilities. A relationship begins because we come together for a specific reason and carry the same energetic vibrations. If you look back in your life at all of the relationships you have formed, each one held a purpose and message(s) for you. At the highest level, each person came into your world to help you be a better version of You.

Most people seek a fulfilling relationship with a partner with expectations that can never be met. The most important relationship you will have in your life is with yourself. As you nurture and honor your individual path and needs, your relationships will reflect those qualities back to you and you will experience more enjoyment in relationships as a result. Every relationship begins with your relationship to your Self.


Creative Expression

Creative expression is one of the most important and personal areas of life because we are making something unique with our Divine energy. It does not matter if the creation is a book, a painting, a song or a business report that required creative innovation; all of these manifestations are a reflection of our unique energy in physical form.

With the Law of Attraction, we bring into our lives people who hold the same beliefs around their creativity as we do. Afraid to put your offerings out into the world? Want to scream-and-shout about how talented you are? Know that you have a special gift and there is room in every bookstore/workshop/creative space for everyone else, too? All of these beliefs (and more) will create the people who support – or don’t support – your creativity.

It begins with you. It starts with what you believe about your gifts and if you are able to share them proudly and with confidence. Don’t rely on another to build you up; build up yourself internally. Invest in your gifts. Give yourself the recognition and acknowledgement you seek. Be the source of your own strength. As you turn all fear-based beliefs and emotions about your creative gifts into Love-based energy, more creativity, abundance and joy will follow.  


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