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July 3rd: Full Moon in Capricorn

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 11:35 AM

We are energized by the waves of change as they push (force) us forward into new experiences. It is not a time to sit or rest. We are continually moving through a phase of great movement and dynamic growth as we are being prodded to keep our life energy focused on conscious evolving.

This Full Moon in Capricorn (14 degrees) is triggering the parts of us that are ready to get activated on deeper levels: emotionally, physically, intellectually, professionally. We may feel the urge to move in many directions, but first we must release what no longer serves us: start with releasing a breath, follow the feeling in your gut, and see what comes up to your attention (a goal, a feeling, a belief pattern, a dream.) Bless everything for all it has served you in big and small ways. Then allow change and shifts to occur beyond your control as something greater is given space to come in.

A Full Moon asks us to look at both sides/perspectives/experiences of two opposing energies with a balanced viewpoint. We may feel the push-and-pull of these contradictory needs, but their highest intention is to show us what we may not have seen before. Full Moons bring something unconscious into view. And because this Full Moon includes the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square energy, we can't ignore what is right in front of us.

Your sights may be set on a grand goal and you have the willingness to do the work to get there (Capricorn), but are you sacrificing your internal needs to take care of someone (or something) else along the way (Cancer)?

This Full Moon will highlight where you may be out of balance within regarding emotional needs and external gratification. And if this is the first time your awareness has been brought to this truth, you may not have the desire to hold back - at all. Uranus in Aries is breaking us out of any personal confinements that hold us back in expressing our Selves fully and wholly. The energy can be explosive and show up as a breakdown (emotional, mental, physical) because we didn't know how far away from ourselves we have drifted. This may be a time when you feel a calling back to the responsibility of taking care of your Self and your Soul.

Sometimes the shadow comes out before the light, so allow yourself space to feel everything that comes up. Unconscious beliefs are illuminated in the light of the Full Moon and the reactions can be anywhere from tyrannical to depression. Luckily, Mars in Libra is bringing us to a point of balance in our actions, so give yourself time before making any decisions or choices. But don't expect to have a lot of time. We're on the move to new terrain all year long, so any pause will be short-lived and temporary. We all have work to be done and we're here to do it.

There is an underlying feeling of determination with this energy, so allow your will to pull you through with honor. This is only one step on a path, not the full journey. Call in the responsibility, focus and discipline of Capricorn to bring you to a new place of inner Self nurturing that supports your needs as an individual. We have the opportunity to be a Master in new ways as long as we don't sacrifice where we have come from as a result. 

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