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July 19th: New Moon in Cancer

Posted on July 18, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Fresh cycles of energy begin with every New Moon as the sun and moon align together. Their annual collaboration in the astrological sign of Cancer enhances our emotional bodies, the ability to give and receive simultaneously, and brings our attention to what we need in order to be nurtured. Cancer is commonly associated with the sweet, soft side of our inner worlds that need to be tended and taken care of so we feel safe in the world. But don’t expect to just sit at home and tend to your summer garden at this time.

This New Moon is another catalyst carrying us forward into higher expressions of ourselves internally and externally. Both the Sun and the Moon are being squared by Saturn in Libra asking us to responsibly look at relationships to determine what is out of balance and where are we giving (or taking) too much. A square configuration in cardinal signs (Cancer and Libra) tells us two activation energies want to get started but are stopped in their tracks at a standstill – do the emotions or the intelligence lead us forward? Both are necessary, but they don’t always works together harmoniously. We are given the opportunity to find the best of our mental and emotional states if we choose to act with emotional maturity and conscious responsibility.

Furthering the energy of change is Mars in Libra directly opposing Uranus in Aries. We want to do things our way and on our own timeline, but Mars in Libra says we need to be fair and take a balanced approached that considers both sides (of a relationship, of an argument, of an action). And both of these energies are squared by Pluto in Capricorn working deeply in the background and cannot be ignored. Pluto is requiring us to let go, let go, let go of the limiting structures we have energetically created within our beings. These are deep-level core energies that have served a purpose in our Soul’s growth, and yet we are now ready to be transformed to a higher state of expression that fits our highest possible needs NOW.

This New Moon has a lot of energy to take in at once and it’s not the typical sweet, encouraging side of Cancer. Emotions are high and intense with the potential for extreme meltdowns and outburst. Fears arise because we have conditioned ourselves to accept and look for fear during deep change.  No lid can keep the energy under control, so don’t force yourself to try. Don’t hold back your emotions, but be responsible in how you release them. We are working through multiple inner conflicts and opposing traffic patterns at once. Which way to go? What to do next? How to direct our highest intentions with big changes underway?

One solution is through Mercury in Leo which is offering us a reminder to play and be creative. Don’t get caught up in the seriousness of everything; make time for fun andself-expression! Take the day off and enjoy a fun book or lively discussion with friends. Jupiter in Gemini encourages socializing in the warm summer air with friends or enjoying a relaxing neighborhood BBQ.

Jupiter squares both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, so escapism could be very seductive because we might think that we don’t have to look at any deeper wounds if we find some way to distract ourselves. The higher perspective is that we are Souls playing a game with (false) core wounds that we voluntarily choose to work with and Master. The true distraction is believing we are only human - and forgetting that we are eternal Souls.

With this Cancer New Moon, we are being triggered to begin a cycle of fresh release. This may sound like a contradiction, but only if we lose sight of the bigger picture that All is in Divine Order at all times. If you can intentionally connect to the peace and calm of your Soul regularly through meditation, this process will flow with more grace and ease. The driving need at this time is to honor your own journey and be willing to grow beyond your previous definitions of Self – joyfully, willingly, and powerfully.


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