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August 1st: Full Moon in Aquarius

Posted on July 30, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Welcome to a special month: two Full Moons in August! Two of the same types of moons (New Moon or Full Moon) in a month is referred to as a blue moon. We have not had blue moon energy since July 2011 when there were two New Moons (beginnings and fresh ideas) that signaled an emotional starting point. What did you initiate in July 2011 that may be moving into a new phase this month? The next blue moon will be in March 2014 with a pair of New Moons, so know an emotional process (the moon) is underway as you glide through the changes happening on many energetic levels.

August lifts off with a Full Moon that centers on the opposing energies of Aquarius and Leo: Who am I (Leo) and where do I belong in the world (Aquarius)? What community acknowledges and supports me (Aquarius) and how do I acknowledge and support myself (Leo)? In simple terms, Aquarius is the energy of giving (to a cause, to a group, to humanity) and Leo is the energy of receiving through personal expression (applause, feedback, acknowledgement). We are encouraged to look at who supports our genuine selves and connects with our I AM definition.

Full Moons illuminate and bring new levels of awareness to our conscious minds. Friendships, community, and belonging are central themes right now and give us an opportunity to see how we contribute and receive from these areas of our lives. You may find yourself evaluating and taking stock of who you connect with in the world and if those relationships are an accurate reflection of your personal identity.

Uranus is the ruler of this Full Moon and offers a supportive sextile to the energy of personal liberation and transformation. Uranus in Aries is about expanding to new levels of self-expression that inspire you; there’s excitement in the air! Where do you go to share your self honestly and openly? Do you have new creative gifts you’ve been wanting to share? What do you need to get off your chest? Many people (including yourself!) may be making personal declarations of independence at this time to break out of old patterns, thoughts and behaviors. Being rebellious in some manner may get stirred up as a way to assert individuality.

There is a lot of movement with this Full Moon, so be sure to exercise and move your body. Remember to play and have fun in your everyday life! Balance your mental pursuits (Aquarius) with your Inner Child’s desire to assert yourself playfully (Leo).

The Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury in Leo which signifies a lot of communication, but perhaps misunderstandings as well. Mercury opposing the Moon in Aquarius means it may be natural to say one thing while feeling another, so it’s wise to find your own inner Truth before sharing. Leo and Aquarius are Fixed signs which means there is a tendency to stick-to-your-guns and not budge from outside influences. Being too stubborn, proud or emotionally detached could backfire later in the month. Luckily, Mars in Libra pushes us tor elate to one another and assess both sides of a relationship before making decisions.

Overall, the beginning of August feels energizing and fun as we move through a life-changing summer. We are supported in connecting with people, sharing ideas, networking to find more inspiration, and continually observing “what is mine” and “what is not mine” to claim for our personal identity. Take advantage of this two week phase leading up to the New Moon by diving into creative expression and focused intention.

I feel that August is a powerful month to really be yourself regardless of outside influences. The blue moon energy is about conscious connection to emotions and being open to daily changes more than ever. What does your heart say? Where are you on your life journey and how are you supporting yourself? Trust your own voice and know that others have the right totrust theirs as well. Go within for answers instead of looking for an external source to validate you.

Looking ahead: There is a supportive process in place throughout the month as we end with the second Full Moon on August 31 at 9 degrees Pisces. The beginning of the month highlights how we are each unique, divine energetic fingerprints with gifts to share in the world. Then we transition to Pisces, which is a completion energy that brings us to a point of higher unity first within, then externally. As we truthfully move through the emotions, we remember that at the end of the day we are all connected regardless of individual choices. Our creative gifts and personal expressions serve others who are open and willing to connect through their hearts. More on that later in the month!

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