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Taurus Full Moon: Gettin' More Real With Yourself

Posted on October 28, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Scorpio energy is the astrological time period when we focus on what is ready to be transformed in our lives. We see this progression visually in nature as trees drop leaves, branches become bare, and roots dig deeper for nutrients. We release what is outgrown and return to the core of our beingness for inner strength. It can be a complex, personal process (depending on how you work with Scorpio/Pluto energy), but the intention is deeper self-knowing about what lurks in your psyche and intimate nature. Scorpio is the zodiac’s detective, excelling in focus, persistence, passion, and resources. It’s time to be your own inner sleuth, my dear Watson.


October 29th’s Full Moon is in Scorpio’s opposite sign of Taurus at 6 degrees. The Full Moon in Taurus is when we crave simplicity, return to valuing ourselves more, reflect on financial energy, and commit to maintaining inner peace regardless of external events. We want life to be pleasurable and we probably don’t want to make many changes (or get up from the couch). However, Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is in the early degrees of Libra and is approaching a tense T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. The pleasantries may be intended, but this energy involves possible power struggles, partnership tensions, and financial concerns.This may trigger deeper fears (Scorpio), but remember to solidify your self-worth like a rock and know that you already have everything of value inside of you (Taurus). There is an opportunity to move energy forward and transform anything that is causing tension (Mars in Sag). Don’t hold on to any area of life that is looking to grow, evolve, or expand in yourself - or in others.

Saturn is conjunct the Sun in Scorpio (and opposing the Moon in Taurus), and this means it’s time to get real about your inner work and transformation. No more distractions, no more saying all the right things (or nice things), no more sitting on the sidelines. If you don’t move with the energy, the energy will move against you. This isn’t meant to be harsh; it’s just the way Saturn works. Be a wise, responsible adult committed to your growth - and you will be rewarded. The area of your chart where Saturn is transiting will tell you more.

Luckily, the Moon and the Sun are both sextile Pluto in Capricorn so there is a part of all of us that is ready to LET GO so something more powerful can be created in its place. Chances are, you are actually more ready to do this now than you have been all year. Also notable is the Full Moon’s supportive connection with Neptune and Chiron, both in Pisces. We can spiritually change, allow, and grow when we are anchored in our eternal Soul purpose energy. We can make some significant developments along the path of expanding (and discovering) soul purpose if we are committed to doing the work and being brutally honest with ourselves about where transformation is needed. Is it in your psyche? Your thoughts? Your belief systems? Your relationship patterns? As evolving energetic beings, there is a need for continual transformation and this is the time to do it.

(I recommend this article, It's Time We Find Our Destiny, by my friend Rick DiClemente to grasp more of the significant Neptune and Chiron in Pisces spiritual energy.)

Full Moons are about completion, so it’s wise to take this transformation energy seriously (Saturn in Scorpio) and allow release to occur. Think of what would happen if trees grasped onto the same leaves every year, forbidding them to, well, leave. Seizing onto expired energy disempowers the whole process of change that nature and evolution intends.  

Here in the United States, the energies will definitely be heating up since it is one week before the Presidential election. More skeletons will come out of the closet, greater truths will be revealed, and women’s issues will be highly contested, especially if there are more binders full of women to be discovered (Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s such a funny phrase, regardless of political significance.). Big, demonstrative words and speeches will ‘sound right,’ but feel off because they will not tell the whole story (Mercury square Neptune/Chiron. Important to note that Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde so this energy is heightened. Also, I share more about my unique perspective on Mercury Retrograde in this radio show. It's a new understanding to what this energy means based on making you feel empowered.)

Also worth noting is that the Taurus Full Moon is opposite the Buddha Full Moon in Scorpio which occurs every year in April or May. During this spring Full Moon, Buddha was born, enlightened and died on the same day. With the energy reversed, we are gifted with taking our spiritual growth out into the world to share with others for greater self-knowing and understanding. Don’t hide what you are doing; CONNECT (Scorpio). Focus on your passions, keep going - and be proud of how much you’ve transformed thus far.

November begins in a few days and we are officially entering the second set of eclipses for the year. These eclipses will launch you forward into new higher elevations - promise - so remove all unnecessary baggage now. In less than a month we will take a load off and enjoy the celebratory mood of Sagittarius, so know that the good times are in sight even as the intensity is experienced

And one more thing - this week's radio show is all about Conscious Astrology and what it means for each zodiac sign. You'll hear some new insights about why you choose to be born under your astrological archetype this time around. 

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Reply Margaret Federal
01:01 PM on November 01, 2012 
Molly, I loved this article. I've definitely been feeling my oats lately and thought it was just a passing phase, but it's not. It's been sticking around for several weeks now and reading your article confirms that it just may be a transformation I might be going through - except that it isn't a "new" me that's coming forth, it's the "old" me that just got buried, over the years, with a lot of junk. Thanks for illuminating the path! Best regards, M

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