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Nov. 28: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini

Posted on November 25, 2012 at 12:40 PM

Every time I sit down to write an astrology report, I do my best to offer you new, fresh perspectives. It’s my intention to hone in on the main energies and give you a heads up about how to work with the astrological themes in the present.

However, I must be completely honest with you and admit that with each report, I’m not always finding something ground-breaking and new to share with you. And why is that? Because the astrological themes of this year, and moving into 2013, are incredibly clear and consistent:

We are ready to change on deep, soul levels that will most likely stir up fears, tension, and unknowns. We are being pressed to look at our patterns, behaviors and thoughts in an objective light to claim the highest potentials available to your unique energetic imprint.  It may not always feel good or look pretty, but there is so much gold to be found in our innermines of transformation. This collective transition uplifts humanity’s spiritual understandings, healing across multiple timelines and dimensions, and opens up galactic doorways to our true Soul Self.

This is the last eclipse of 2012, and since it is a Lunar Full Moon eclipse, it carries the energies of completion and endings in order to clear away the old and set the stage for what you are ready to create next.  Find 6 degrees of Gemini in your astrology chart to discover which house (area of life) this eclipse will be felt the most strongly for you.

Themes for the Lunar Eclipse at 6 degrees Gemini:

  • Speak your truth with integrity and do not hold back how your transformation has changed you on multiple levels. Acknowledge your growth and own it powerfully without putting too much emphasis on another’s perceptions of who you are becoming. (Mercury in Scorpio)
  • One version of Self is ending so a higher version of Self can now emerge as the next step in your Soul’s evolution. Where are you holding yourself back in order to maintain the peace or to not make waves? This could be within yourself or with others. (North Node in Scorpio conjunct Mercury)
  • Dynamic movement, claiming your individuality, and expressing your unique Divine imprint is supported with enthusiasm! Add curiosity, fun, and adventure to your daily life and follow any direction that brings you joy. Open up! Don’t over think something, just enjoy the exploration without commitment. Discern the best ideas that come to mind without getting overwhelmed by all the choices. (Sun in Sag opposing Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter)  
  • Change, change, change.  Activation of what has been in your mind all year and bringing it out into the world in some manner that fits you. Now is the time to move the energy with your conscious choices, or else it will move you unconsciously through unpredictable means. (Mars conjunct Pluto square Uranus)
  • How are you supporting your Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, creativity, emotions, and receiving love? Are you opening up to these parts of yourself or blocking them?
  • Look at how you are valuing yourself and your needs in relationships. Reality checks could come to your attention around money, joint finances, and valuing yourself based on others’ perceptions instead of your own inner self-worth. (Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio)
  • Find practical ways to ground yourself without getting swept away in all of the change. Keep your feet on the ground with walks, lots of water, organic foods, and by touching earth elements (rocks, crystals, water, sand, etc.) (Mutable T-square missing Virgo energy)
  • A spiritual process is unfolding that we can’t fully see yet. This is a new beginning and it may feel foggy and fuzzy at times. We may not even see our fingers some days and doubt what is happening because the five senses require proof. Watch for headaches and notice what you are thinking about when they occur.
  • We’ve been looking outside ourselves for something that is only found internally. Return to your heart space for answers and clarity. Meditation will provide the best answers. Embrace the process and love yourself in deeper ways. (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces trine Saturn and Venus in Scorpio)

Are we having fun yet? Cheers to your gorgeous transformational path!

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