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What Do You Keep Sacred?

Posted on March 2, 2012 at 11:45 AM

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A few weeks ago, I received some beautiful information from a trusted Soul that changed me on a very deep level. It affirmed my work. It connected some dots with a bold line. It filled me with higher levels of calm and joy. It allowed me to better understand many things about my life purpose and the journey so far. It shook me to my core. In short, this message was AWESOME.

Initially, I thought this discovery would be a beautiful development to share with a few friends and to hear their thoughts and feedback. When something is exciting, of course we want to share it and spread the conversation around. Outside perspectives can be enriching.

But at the same time... sharing this news made my energy twist up inside. It didn't feel "right" on some level. Like something would get lost in translation or it would lose a layer of understanding. Like I would be required to put into words what I want to keep formless and free-flowing. By releasing it out into the world, this piece of joy would change into something...else. 

So I chose to keep this precious insight sacred within my being.

We aren't taught this approach in modern society. We don't hear the value of keeping something close to our chest as a way to honor and respect it. We don't see it modeled in a healthy fashion that is about affirming ourselves and not needing anyone else to comment, ponder or offer additional information.

Instead, we see the exact opposite, especially in magazines, reality television shows, and social media sites that remove all boundaries and open the doors wide to everything happening in one's life. Our expectations around sharing has changed greatly with technology, and yes, there is value there. But at what point can we release the need for anyone else to see it? Can we give ourselves the gift of holding it close with love and having that be enough?

I've held many things sacred over the years, including my life purpose, relationship meanings, and parts of my journey that I know are contributing to something else further down the road. I've been in touch with why I've had certain jobs and experiences. I see what a few romantic relationships were really about, and have decided to keep that understanding close.

From an outside perspective, it may look like one thing is happening in my life and I've heard other people offer their perspectives. But internally, I am in touch with the bigger picture and trust what is unfolding. I decided long ago not to explain, justify or share what is most sacred to me because it changes the energy. It turns what I value most in my Soul's experience and growth into a dinner table conversation. For some topics that can be great; other times, it's not right for me.

There is an intentional difference between keeping something secret and keeping it sacred. The difference is "hiding" and "holding." Hiding a secret involves lower, fear-based energies to keep something out of judgment. Holding something sacred is a love-based decision that empowers you with no concern for anything else interfering.

Consider a locket that contains a picture, words, or a precious valuable. You can hold the locket in your hand with a light grasp to keep it safe. Or you can hide the locket in your hand with a tight grip to remove it from the world's eyes. It's in your hands in both cases, but the energy you are surrounding it with is deciding the energy. When you hold the locket with love, it is honored, safe and allowed to breathe with the flow of air through your fingers.  

Holding something sacred is the essence of simply letting it be. Allowing it to be within you and to be a part of your knowingness. Accepting it at a level of understanding that connects with your journey as it needs to. Enjoying it fully, honestly and completely as a treasure you have given yourself. A source of gold and an inner smile whenever and however you need it.       

What do you keep sacred for yourself? What do you hold close to your heart as a precious part of you? When the intention is Love and the action is Truth-full, whatever you decide to keep inside is a demonstration of integrity and self-respect. Consider this approach when you want to keep the pure essence of something valuable to you. Create a sacred gift within that spurs you to be more fully yourself, your Light, and your energy in the world.  

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