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Feb 9th: New Moon in Aquarius

Posted on February 8, 2013 at 9:10 AM

New moons are always about fresh beginnings, starting initiatives, and new cycles of energy. Each zodiac sign has a New Moon once a year, and here we are upon the glowing brilliance of Aquarian energy. Aquarius is associated with groups, friendships, originality, innovation, collective experiences, and what can be given back to humanity in a higher form.

An Aquarius New Moon is energized by uniqueness, and finding – or more accurately, inventing - something new under the sun. It’s time to take the responsibility and commitment of the Capricorn New Moon and advance it to a new form of individual expression. How are you progressing on your Soul’s unique path? What friendships, networks and communities fire up these parts of you? Are you sharing your wisdom with others, or going the lone wolf route? Aquarius can also be quite independent, detached, and unafraid to move away from the pack to claim and strengthen self-identity. Remember, regardless of your Sun sign, we each have every astrological energy within us.

This New Moon at 21 degrees Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is making its way through pioneering Aries. Aquarius and Aries energies light each other up and love to take originality forward to new lands. Your original ideas have fire in them and can spread like wildfire with like-minded communities. We are supporting each other in this energetic paradigm and collectively strengthening the Light grid through our individual contributions. As I’m typing this, I’m receiving a visual of thousands of dimmed light bulbs in different shapes, sizes and colors collectively going to full-blast brightness at the same time. Really gorgeous! Keep those shades handy.

Interestingly, a lot of energy in this New Moon is in spiritual Pisces. We have four planets lined up together in the 12th zodiac sign (more about that below), and combining Pisces with Aquarius energy leads us to new levels of spiritual brilliance. We are deeply supported in revolutionizing and electrifying ourselves to higher levels of cosmic understanding. Breakthroughs in your spiritual path, understandings, connections, and abilities are all possible! Are your cells doing a happy dance about that expansion? Mine are!

Other energetic insights:

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius are squaring the South Node in Taurus and North Node in Scorpio. The Nodes represent the higher energies we are moving towards and the lower energies we are releasing, collectively. They signify karma and destiny, unlimited potentials and unconscious patterns. The Sun and Moon exactly squaring these points means you could experience emotional choice points around how to follow a passion as well as how to devote yourself to it more fully. Fears may also be triggered around being financially supported and relying solely on yourself to create your dreams. Tap into the energies of transformation to allow all necessary completions and deaths in your highest and best interest to occur. We are letting go of materialism and “going it alone” in order to collaborate with others for greater access to resources, support and power.  


Neptune, Mars, Mercury, and Chiron are hanging out together in the early degrees of Pisces. Neptune is the most influential of these four because it is the outer most planet (which always has the upper hand, energetically), yet Mars is a trigger that wants to spark up our spiritual passions and get things moving. Mercury in Pisces is creative, intuitively guided to share, and connected to higher levels of understanding (although also prone to not communicating clearly) and Chiron is healing our deep spiritual wounds from lifetimes of experiences. Take all four of these ingredients together and what do you have?  A reminder that we are spiritual beings here for healing, Love, compassion, and Forgiveness, and that we need to take action in some form about these areas of growth to make the transformation real. It's safe to connect and share at this time. “Action” could be through creative expression, new yoga poses, opening up to broader spiritual understandings, and longer meditation moments. And you may experience vibrant, clear dreams providing cosmic insights and messages.

Psst… Look at your astrology chart to see where 2 to 8 degrees of Pisces is located. This house will signify the area of life where the energies are working with you. And you’ll feel them more personally if you have planets in Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius at the same degrees.

The four planets in Pisces are even more significant because of the connections they make to Jupiter and Pluto! Check it out:

Take the surreal components you’re experiencing and put them into tangible explanations and details. Consciously adjust how you communicate and share your ideas so as not to energetically overwhelm yourself or others with too much as once. Try to temper the Ego-Mind’s desire to talk fast and stay busy (Gemini) and tune in to Trust, allowing and going with the flow (Pisces). Pisces wants to make everyone happy and Gemini wants everyone to listen to their ideas. You can do both by not trying to do it all at the same time. (All Pisces planets squaring Jupiter in Gemini)

Pluto in Capricorn is requiring us to call in our internal authority and claim full responsibility for ourselves, our choices, our Soul’s growth.  Check in with yourself: Are you giving your power away unconsciously by not establishing boundaries? Are you experiencing disrespect, distrust or changing relationships that reflect how you can take care of your needs better? We are receiving deep support as we make changes in self-respect, integrity, and soul evolution. The new terrain of standing in higher levels of personal authority may feel scary at times, but it is better to make the conscious choices instead of avoiding them – because then the lessons may come back around in a powerless form. (Pluto in Cap sextiling Neptune, Mars, Venus and Chiron in Pisces)

Also at this time on the calendar, we’ve nearly completed a full cycle around the zodiac. We have the opportunity to take what was initiated with Aries waaaay back in March and look at how “that thing” can now be raised in vibration and creatively offered to a bigger population as it stands on its own. “That thing” may not be tangible; it could be your own energy and growth that you feel called to transform and share even more. 

This write-up was longer than I expected (in a good way), and here’s one more thing - be open to higher levels of spiritual communication coming through. You're ready for more of You to be activated. 

All together now… “Ommmmm.”

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