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2013 Spiritual Themes: Allegiance

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Your spiritual path is your own to follow, and as such, your loyalty is wisely placed first within yourself. It is more important than ever to put ourselves in the driver seat with Love and to honor our needs.

You may have many spiritual teachers, healers, advisers, and experts in your life at any one time, or you may choose to work with a select few. As you grow and expand, natural graduations occur where you want to change focus, continue to move ahead on your own, try a different way, or perhaps your interests have shifted all together.  

This progression is completely natural, and yet it can trigger within us issues of loyalty, responsibility, guilt, and allegiance. If you take a moment to think about it, could these feelings be attributed to your parents, teachers, or other authority figures that you don’t want to ‘disappoint’, leave behind, or let go of on some level?

We can unconsciously be afraid of being more successful than elders we respect and/or of surpassing their goals with our own achievements. But now is the time to honor our own growth because that is what we have control of and it is how we powerfully create – with our own energy.

Every person is powerful and has access to increasing levels of energies. What another is choosing for themselves, conscious or unconsciously, does not need to hold you back or hinder your interests, drive, and desires. We are each responsible for ourselves and our choices, and although we care for others, we must not try to carry them. Oh, believe me, I know this can be much easier said than done because you have such a big, loving, compassionate heart! Many of us have been healers for eons and we have carried the light for others in order to heal them as well.

I am feeling and hearing very strongly from my guidance that this theme will pop up continously throughout the year. We will be tested on it so we can master allegiance to Self as a form of healing for others. By being the example, you honor your own energy and allow another the opportunity to work with their healing better.


To work with allegiance:

Where have I unconsciously looked for validation outside of myself?

How have I unconsciously given my power away (in situations, relationships, experiences, emotional reactions)?

Who do I project mastery/excellence/awesomeness onto instead of consciously acknowledging those same qualities are also within me?

Many of us have chosen to follow a specialized, pioneering path. Please check out The Cosmic Definition of Belonging for more insights from Spirit about the joys and themes of being a spiritual maverick.

Check out the rest of the 2013 Spiritual themes here, my friend! Are these ringing true for you?


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