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Full Moon in Taurus: Joy is Simple and Everywhere!

Posted on November 16, 2013 at 3:35 AM

Sunday's Full Moon in Taurus at 25 degrees highlights simplicity, a return to valuing ourselves more, reflections on financial energy, and making a commitment to inner peace regardless of external events.

The ongoing Sun in Scorpio energy shows us what is ready to be transformed in our lives. We see this progression visually in nature as trees drop leaves, branches become bare, and roots dig deeper for nutrients. We release what is outgrown and return to the core of our beingness for inner strength. It can be a complex, personal process (depending on how you work with Scorpio/Pluto energy), but the intention is deeper self-knowing about what lurks in your psyche and intimate nature. Scorpio is the zodiac’s detective, excelling in focus, persistence, passion, and resources. Transformation can bring us to even more amazing places when we allow the process, follow the high-vibes, and Trust that we are so deeply loved.

The Full Moon is ruled by Venus, which is currently in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto. This also means Venus in Capricorn is squaring Uranus in Aries. If you know astrology lingo, you might even be thinking “uh-oh...” right about now. But let's step back and take a realistic viewpoint of this energy: We're in the process of deeply changing our values, relationships, and how we share ourselves with the world. Venus is shining a light on how well we are doing that with self-respect, and making sure we are loving ourselves in the process. This also validates the prominent theme around relationship changes, as my friend Shannon mentions in her latest blog post. She also makes the connection that how you spend your energy is similar to how you spend your money. A perfect reminder for this Full Moon.

Most importantly, there are plenty o' good vibes and joy in the air - and in our energy fields - with this Full Moon! Jupiter in Cancer trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon, showcasing the wisdom of the Bigger Picture and how you can trust your feelings, intuition, and Heart right now. You really, really can.

Mars in Virgo trining the Moon and sextiling the Sun means it's the perfect time to follow the uplifting energy threads and go where they take you! The steps may be small, and keep in mind the details count, but the practical elements will line up to create an even better outcome. What area of your life is ready for this perspective? Where do you need to take one small step to get something moving?

As an example, I am experiencing this Full Moon energy with a few projects I am passionate about. Each one is undergoing unexpected changes as of this past week, and a part of me really wanted to hold on to THIS version of what I know (Taurus). But as soon as I let go of my attachment to controlling (Scorpio), I felt fresh energy zoom in to take the projects to a new place. The next steps require a methodical approach, focus, and staying organized (Mars in Virgo). Delightfully, when I trusted that THIS was the new direction to go, the projects soared with the fresh possibilities about the next version (Jupiter in Cancer). I chose to trust that only the best possible outcomes would result from these upgrades! Look at how much support we have at this time!

Joy is simple - and it is everywhere! Use your energy to integrate stabilization, inspiration, and hope. Choose the uplifting ideas, feelings, projects, and relationships right now. Bask in the beauty of transformation and allow your journey to be peaceFull.

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