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Best of 2011: What Has Been A Powerful Lesson For You?

Posted on December 31, 2011 at 9:45 AM
As we sit on the cusp of a new beginning, we are saying farewell to yet another powerful year. Below is my essay on endings, which I hope is a lovely way to acknowledge all the growth, healing and learning that the past 12 months have brought. And as we stand in the hallway waiting for the new door to open, I hope your next beginning will be one of huge joy, satisfaction and peace.

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What has been a powerful lesson for you in the past few years?

The first thing that comes to my mind is… the power of endings. Yep, that would summarize a lot of life changes I’ve experienced in the last five to seven years.

The second thing that comes to my mind is that cliché phrase, “When one door closes, another one opens.” I know that is true, or else it wouldn’t be a cliché. But there is that distinct phase after a door closes, and the new door has yet to open, when I am looking up and down the hallway for answers: Why is this over now? What was the true lesson? Could I have changed it? Did something go wrong... did I do something wrong?

Or, I could be standing in the hallway feeling peacefully complete with the experience, eager for the next opportunity to show up. And at that point I’m not just standing around in the hallway waiting. Nope, I’m impatiently pacing, roaming and shouting, “Open up, next door, open up! I’m ready for you NOW!”

But during my questioning, impatience and eagerness for the new, I know in my spiritual Self there is a deeper understanding about why an ending occurred. It’s very simple, really: Endings occur when the energies no longer match up. The energies are at different places, going different directions. The connection has changed and the vibrations doe not harmonize. A separation is the next result.

These energetic partings can happen in many directions. One wants to go right, the other left. One wants to go internal, the other wants to remain external. One wants to find “the new” and the other wants to stick to “the old.” One wants to go fast, and the other is much slower. I have experienced endings due to all of these changes of direction in the past few years. My Ego generally kicks in and wants to make sure I am the “higher/right/better” person in these situations, but I know it’s not about the Ego’s need for validation and superiority. It’s about recognizing energies changing based on each person’s free will, their soul’s growth path, and the choices they see available to them at that moment in time. All changes are always in Divine order.

Yet I don’t always have this perspective. I forget it. I lose it in my closet. I put it down and then stack books and mail and keys on top of it. I’ve even kicked it around on the floor as I move through my emotional process, forgetting that answers are right at my feet.

But when I discover this perspective again, my soul does a little happy dance of recognition (A-ha! Yay! Ooooh, that’s right! I KNEW that!).

Then I move to that higher level of peace, and connect with an open heart: It wasn’t personal. It wasn’t “bad.” It wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t even final because I know we are always connected to people we love. And I know this ending happened for the best because I believe that is the foundation for every life event: We are each growing, evolving souls doing our best every day.

Endings occurr because something even better is coming through that next door that matches my energy even better (“Open up, next door, open up! I’m ready for you now!).

So as I sit (pace..roam...loiter...) in the hallway between endings and open doors, I consciously connect to this perspective. I remind myself that the power of endings is simply the power of energy changing.  It is the power of soul-level decisions happening. It is the power of free will in motion. It is the power of choice. It is Divine.

I am so grateful to reconnect to this powerful place of peace because it leads me to a new, better door opening.

Then at the perfect time, and in the most perfect way, I see a door handle begin to gently turn. The door slowly creeps open. My eyes open wide with joy. My hand touches my heart:

This new door opening is PERFECT... and beautiful... and even better than I ever could have imagined..woooow...

I gather myself together and take a deep breath. Then I gratefully turn, and kiss that beautiful hallway goodbye until we meet again.


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