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Astrology Forecast - March 20 to April 20

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 2:20 PM

From the collective of Pisces emerges the Soul’s desire to experience itself in human form. Aries is born as an initiator to kick-start the journey of physical Light with enthusiasm, initiative, motivation,and leadership. Charged with the ability to begin a new task, Aries will lead the pack on the road to self-discovery and assert themselves as a pioneer discovering new terrain.

What new beginnings are you ready to initiate? What is the biggest, brightest dream you can hold for yourself? What do you want to focus on creating and manifesting in your life over the next 12 months?

March 20, 2014 is the annual Spring Equinox, the dawn of a fresh energetic cycle designed to support the next phase of your soul's growth. The Equinox is the "equal balance" point from the inner, reflective Winter Solstice to the bright, external Summer Solstice. Day and night are in equal balance at this time, providing us with a stable place to start anew.

The Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, activating your pioneering spirit and personal leadership so you can move forward with confidence.

The Light of Aries shines brightly when actions are taken to honor, respect, and guide All with the highest of intentions for their personal awareness and growth. Aries shows us where to lead with fresh energy and where we must honor our relationship with Self.

However, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is retrograde in Libra until May 19, and this will create a 'halting' energy to your best laid plans. Before pushing forward, consider how your actions effect others, and make sure your grand plans are in the spirit of cooperation. Mars has a tough time in Libra, especially while retrograde, so adjust your expectations to include diplomacy, communication, and heart chakra energy. Too much ego will crash-and-burn and being passive-aggressive will backfire in relationships. Be clear about what you want and trust in yourself to create it.

After 18 months in Scorpio and Taurus, the Nodes change signs on March 22 and enter Libra and Aries. The North Node moves into Libra and the South Node goes into Aries reinforcing intelligent considerations and partnerships instead of instinctual self-interest action. From now until mid-October 2015 we'll be focusing on working together and balancing our individual desires with smart conversations and co-creation. You may want to forge ahead as a solo act, but it's wiser to halt your impulsive decisions and think things through a bit longer. In all honesty, this may be hard if you have a lot of Aries/fire/or strong Mars in your chart, but all you need to do is PAUSE and breathe before charging. 

A New Moon on March 30th is bursting with spirited energy and motivation, setting the stage for powerful intentions that are in alignment with your heart's desires.Trust yourself and follow where your energy rises. Tune into your solar plexus regularly as an indicator of your power center. It's a great time for breaking through your own walls or unconscious barriers that have kept you small. Burst forth with delight in who you are!

Collectively, we will all be experiencing huge shifts in April 2014 because this month holds the signature of The Big Bang Theory – powerful forces transmuting energy into a completely new creation. More of that is explained here.

April 15th is the first eclipse of 2014 and shows up as a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Libra that also connects to the growth potential of the North Node in Libra. We're creating new, healthy relationships that will support authentic sharing, cooperation, and inner peace. If you feel an inner fight occurring, listen to your inner warrior and show it peace. This is not a matter of survival, it is a matter of co-existing together. Calm down the desire to prove yourself and reinforce the ability to just be yourself.

Relationships that are not supportive, healthy, or meant to go forward will be revealed to you during April. And in perfect order, new people will show up with like-minded energy and intentions so you can grow together - woot, woot! Also, quick changes and accelerations in partnerships can occur this month, so be ready for whoever shows up in your life to (most likely) be an ally and friend.

Venus in Pisces rules the powerful Lunar Eclipse, and Venus's placement is dissolving separation within partnerships and further opening us up to “I AM” energy – an incredibly high vibration! April is also prime for more people awakening to their soul energy, life purpose, and personal path of growth.

If you could go back and speak to yourself upon awakening, what would you say?

A push-pull energy is also present throughout the month because of the overfall combined energies of the Sun in Aries, Mars in Libra (retrograde), and the Nodes in both of these signs. Find a place of balance for yourself where you can think things through and then take action – or just wait it out if you don't have to rush anything. The more you can work with the energy internally, the better off you'll be by not starting external conflicts with others, whether consciously or not.

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 20, and then we ignite Cardinal Grand Cross energies! The second half of April is uber-powerful, and you may feel it building up throughout the month. More specifics will be coming in the next forecast, but if you can't wait, I share with you more about the astrological highlights of Spring 2014 here if you want a heads up! And be sure to grab this special download for ongoing energetic support throughout April.

Remember, this is a time to establish new intentions and focus on what is best for your growth now.

You are the leader of your life.

Follow what uplifts you and feeds your spirit!

Give yourself tons o' Self-Love and invest in your inner knowingness as a reliable compass.

You are YOU for a reason - let it shine as a new phase of your journey launches! 

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