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Cover girls! Featured on Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine

Posted on March 8, 2014 at 2:10 PM

So thrilled to grace the March 2014 cover of Happiness + Wellbeing magazine with the amazingly, talented Sass Jordan!

Sass and I have been developing Mastery Courses to guide you in navigating the New Energies of the New World with a pioneering, cutting-edge attitude - like a rock star!

Sass Jordan is a Juno-award winning singer/songwriter, former "Canadian Idol" judge, Broadway actress, and overall WONDERFUL woman! She's currently on tour with Queensryche and her band, S.U.N. And we are having a blast creating these courses for you!

I'll be sharing more about the Mastery Courses soon, especially how they can assist you with confidence, joy, and owning your gifts in all areas of life. Combining over 30 years in the entertainment industry and 20 years of spiritual knowledge, they are designed to support you as you SHINE your high-vibe energy out into the world.

As always, there are tons of great features in this month's issue of Happiness + Wellbeing magazine if you're looking for inspiration:

  • Rock and roll meets spirit and soul
  • Moon cycles: what do they mean for you?
  • The yoga-cation
  • Michael Faye: Kombucha Dog
  • Five ways to create a soul-nourishing nest
  • Meditones: the catalyst for change you’ve been yearning for
  • Declare yourself wild: five ways to be freeTrue forgiveness and healing
  • Learning to play for adults
  • How to communicate with self-absorbed people without losing your sanity
  • Now hiring: Executive Body Officer
  • What your poop can say about you
  • The four noble truths
  • Is the universe sending you signs?
  • FREE Believe in Magic A4 print
  • Lost + found: one woman’s path to wellness
  • How to attract people you can count on in life, love + business
  • Conscious beauty

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