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Emotional-Mental Detox Program

Posted on March 5, 2014 at 2:30 PM

March and April are both very high-energy months! If you're looking for greater support and direction with your energies right now, Suzanna Kennedy offers an Emotional~Mental Detox Program that is a miraculous self-healing method. It allows you to make permanent, positive change in your life – all the way down to your cells.

The program is a unique combination of the right harmonic frequency, intention, breath work and imagery, delivered in a guided meditation format. The program applies the science of the Mind-Matter link in a practical and easy-to-use way. It leads you through the process of changing the negative mental and emotional messages to your cells. The meditations guide you to systematically release and replace unconscious beliefs and perceptions.

You replace the beliefs that cause stress, struggle, separation, pain, illness and conflict with beliefs that promote balance, flow, ease and grace.

You release the pain in your heart and the associated ‘imprints’ within your cells. This allows you to open, connect deeply and create more intimacy and authenticity in yourself and in your relationships with others.

And you don’t have to be an experienced meditator to benefit from this technology! Because the frequency and intention work, even if you drift off or cannot visualize during the meditation session.

The EMDetox Program can help you:Eliminate the emotional/mental causes of illness allowing your body to heal itselfReduce stress and drama so you can settle into a more peaceful, graceful lifeEliminate negative emotional triggers so you can enjoy healthier relationshipsFeel more centered and empowered to make decisions from wisdom and compassionRemove blocks and enhance the flow of Life Force for more energy and well-beingRelease old programming so you can be your True Self and live your Life Purpose

Suzanna and I hope this week's radio show and her Emotional-Mental Detox program assist you with ANYTHING you are experiencing right now that you are ready to leave behind. As you'll notice, she is giving you an exclusive deal of $147 (regularly valued at $1,495) because she knows many people need this support right now.

We're gearing up for powerful changes in April, so anything you can consciously work with and release now will serve you in tremendous ways, beautiful one!

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