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When You Love What You Do

Posted on March 2, 2014 at 10:50 AM

A natural high arrives when you love what you do.

A synergy, infusion of joy, feeling of satisfaction, and inner peace surrounds my presence that can't be put into words - and that's perfect. Divinely perfect.

Doing what we love is a gift of nourishment we offer to ourselves and others. A gift of service, of connection, and of an energy force that is bigger than a single person. It is a quantum paradigm of expanding energy. 

We have ENOUGH responsibilities, commitments, and obligations in our modern world that we have to attend to. We are also responsible for attending to our inspirations and creative force. Finding the flow, calm, and ease within ourselves.

Follow what you love knowing that it benefits many beyond what you can measure, see, understand. Take a single step, a small step, any step. Just go with the feel-goodness as it greets you. Go with the hints, nudges, and whispers as they beckon to you. 

Trust yourself. Trust your messages. Trust.

And then act on those inspired feelings because that is the pathway you are ready to take. THAT is what you are here to follow/do/offer/contribute/heal.

I love offering my astrology services because it's an opportunity for me to combine my intellectual and intuitive worlds seamlessly. It's not work, it's not play; it's ease and grace. 

Where do you find graceful ease in your world? Follow that path as it calls to you.

If you need quick inspiration, listen or download the podcast on Conscious Happiness to connect with being in the flow, being of service, and being in a joyful place.

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