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Exclusive Look!! Rock and Roll meets Spirit and Soul

Posted on February 1, 2014 at 11:50 AM

There are only two words you will ever need to describe yourself: I AM.

Anything that comes after I AM is a role you are choosing - and if you don’t like it, choose something else! This world is a stage and you are the lead actor on your stage. If you resonate with this perspective, you are going to LOVE these Mastery Courses!

Rockin' the New World with Sass and Molly is an engaging 4-part Mastery Course combining over 30 years in the entertainment industry and 20 years of spiritual knowledge to ignite your inner light!

Together, we will collectively navigate the New Energies of the New World with a sassy, cutting-edge, rock n' roll attitude and perspective!

Designed for mavericks, innovators, risk-takers, thought leaders, authors, coaches, teachers, and anyone ready to LEAP into their dreams, these Mastery Courses will set your soul's energy on fire as you bust through any limitations and master the New Energies of our time – like a rock star!

Friends, Sass and I are so excited to give you an exclusive look at this amazing program we've been putting together for you! It's a rare combination of stories, advice, tips, and spiritual insights to inspire you greatly. We'll be officially launching this to the world SOON, but we wanted you to get a special deal on advance tickets!

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