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The Power of Your Energetic Vibration

Posted on October 31, 2011 at 9:45 PM

Everything around us holds an energetic vibration. Where we live, the items in our home, our relationships, our unconscious feelings, our life dreams – and everything in between – all contain energy that relates to who we are in the world. All of these “things” are around us because we hold the same vibration they do. If we want to change something in our lives, we have to change the energy within ourselves first.

Or, conversely, if we change internally first through growth and healing, our lives start to change as a reflection of that evolution. Relationships end because their purpose in our growth has been fulfilled. A job is no longer interesting because we have already learned as much as we can within those responsibilities and now we are ready to graduate to something new. A house feels too “small” or “old” because we have shifted in how we define our personal comfort. Some books we used to love do not connect with our minds as they did before because we have moved past that level of interest. And so on.

So here’s a bit of a curveball that comes at us as we consciously grow and change throughout our journey: What happens when we are ready for something better but we are unexpectedly surprised by something (shall we say) less desirable? How do we meet that less desirable energy with an open heart? How do we find the gold amongst the dust (bunnies)?


We may have energetic expectations of people, situations, events and possessions based on assuming their vibration, and therefore we assume that we will be compatible on some level. But when that doesn’t happen, and in fact the reverse occurs, we don’t want to move our energy backwards. Nor do we want to be pulled down by a situation/environment/feeling/relationship that we have already outgrown.

So what’s the purpose of being in a place that doesn’t match our vibration? What information does it hold and how do we get the most out of it?

Well, guess what: I have a little story about this exact dilemma to share with you and per usual, it came out of the blue. [Or did it? :)]

I was in Los Angeles recently to visit a friend of mine. I hadn’t seen her in years and our reunion at the airport was wonderful, complete with long hugs and “I can’t believe you’re standing right in front of me!” greetings. Those are always the best types of reunions.

After grabbing a coffee and chatting away for an hour, she mentioned we needed to stop by and meet a friend of hers who is in Beverly Hills. I was intrigued. Then she said the house where her friend is at was on Rodeo Drive, and I instantly sat up a little taller. We’re stopping by a house on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? Yikes, I didn’t think I was dressed appropriately for such a posh address! But oh well. My casual shoes and simple cotton shirt will have to do.

Twenty minutes later, we pulled up in front of the house. The lawn was nicely manicured with blooming bushes sitting against high stucco walls. A Spanish-tiled roof covered the two-story house and a few big trees surrounded the property. I straightened my clothes and brushed my hair with my hands, wanting to look acceptable and groomed after travel. I’ve never been inside a house on Rodeo Drive before and wondered who would meet us at the door. I grew up watching the original TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 and was ready to see the real thing.

We strolled up the walkway, a new Jaguar sitting in the driveway off to the right, and passed through the stucco archway and fence that concealed a charming veranda. Leisurely lawn chairs sat under a giant tree in the middle of the space. Balconies protruded from every door on the second floor. The whole area had a decadently lazy feeling to it. I couldn’t wait to see inside the home.

We didn’t have to knock because our host was waiting for us at the door. We exchanged pleasantries outside, then walked inside. And almost instantly, I could feel my energy level drop. The air was different in here. I looked around, stunned. The interior of this house on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA was one of the least desirable homes I have ever seen in my 34 years.

Faded wallpaper was peeling from every wall in the entryway and dining room. Dusty, dingy paint covered the kitchen, halls and living area.The dining room table was an old wicker set with pieces of wicker sticking out from each chair. The kitchen had a refrigerator from the early 80’s (how was it even working?) and an oven displayed knobs I had never seen before. VHS tapes sat collecting dust on tall oak bookcases. Tattered and torn couch cushions sat limply in the dark depths of the living room.

I tried to take it all in politely, but shock covered my face. This was not what I had expected at all. I felt uncomfortable with the bolted-shut windows, dark lighting, and stale air. I hoped we weren’t staying long.

It turned out the true resident of the house was an elderly woman needing home care. The friend hosting us was taking care of her today and wanted us to stop by since we were in the neighborhood. The woman had lived here for decades (obviously), but nothing was newer than 1985.

I turned to my friend. “Wow… this is not what I expected for a home in this area…”

“Yeah, I know… imagine what it would look like renovated and remodeled…”

I nodded in agreement. Just opening up all the windows and letting the sunshine in would do wonders.

We stayed for a quick visit and then decided to get on with our plans to stroll the Santa Monica pier in the blazing sunshine. I looked around the house again as we were leaving and tried to see all of the potential that existed within these walls. Except it was hard to get past the discomfort I felt.  The energy of the space was so low and dull that it was hard to imagine it as anything more.

We walked back outside and I felt myself breathing deeply for the fresh air. Sunshine peeked through the branches, lighting up the yard. I turned to look back inside and saw mostly shadows on this bright day. Only the new Jaguar reflected light back to us.

At one point in time, the interior of this home was stylish and modern. It held the appliances, decorations and reflections of a home in the 1980’s that was (probably) well taken care of and enjoyed.

But in the past few decades, the energy hadn’t expanded at all. It was still encapsulating an era that was now outdated by today’s living standards and lacked any new source of energy coming in. Of course, I recognize this is my opinion and the homeowner has another perspective on their space. But what is important to point out about this experience is the difference in vibrational energy.

I had assumed the vibration of the home would be something more than it really was due to the address. I thought it would be fancy and impressive, something that would exceed my own living standards and I could aspire to it energetically. But it wasn’t that way at all, and actually had the effect of repelling me because our energeticvibrations did not match.

So what’s the point of this type of situation? Why do we experience something uncomfortable like this? It’s easy to walk out the door and say, “Glad to be outta there.” But as we grow in consciousness we know that nothing happens by accident. There’s a reason for everything.

So here’s the secret to this type of situation: Often times you, a fabulous, glowing beacon of light, are in a less desirable situation to purposely raise its vibration. To lead the stuck energy to a higher place. To call in a higher light and to shake things up a bit, move it around. Simply being in a place and intentionally infusing it with fresh energy has an expanding effect. I know that is why my friend and I were invited into the home of an elderly woman experiencing very little physical movement in her world. On some level, we were able to bring a newness that had vacated the premises years ago.


When we come across something less desirable, we have the opportunity to consciously use our power to infuse it with fresh energy. There may not be any noticeable, physical effects, but that is not the purpose. The point is to be aware of how you use your energy to intentionally benefit others and an environment without becoming attached to something that feels energetically lower. Simply being in a space that needs your light is why you are there. And even if it is completely repelling to you, send it love. Give it joy. Imagine it surrounded with something more. That’s one high-vibrating service your energy performs: To bring Love into the dark, stale places on earth.

Another example of powerfully using one's energetic vibrations is a story I heard years ago about a man who always found himself driving by fatal accidents on the road. Regardless of where he was going, at all times of the day, he was always close to a place where someone had died. Eventually he asked about his Soul Purpose and why he kept having this experience, and the answer was clear: He volunteered on a Soul level to use his energy to help people make the transition from life to Life Beyond. He held a vibration and light that raised the energy of an accident. Since learning this about himself, he viewed every traffic jam differently and knew he was right where he needed to be all the time. He could consciously be the Love.

So now the question is, how are you using your energetic vibration in the world? Discover more about the Law of Vibration right here.

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1 Comment

Reply Laurin
09:15 PM on December 28, 2011 
Great, great things to consider. I have wondered recently why I am in certain 'places' and now I have something to meditate on :)

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