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Intuitive Message About Energy

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 12:25 PM

"One of the greatest issues with human energy at this time is the numerous misunderstandings around emotions. Energy is made to move and change, for its grander purpose is to assist the Soul in continually evolving and growing. The beauty of energy is that it is eternal in a galaxy where nothing else is. However, the human mind has the ability to stop energy by judging it. When you judge something as good or bad, right or wrong, yes or no, you essentially stop the flow of growth and bring a halt to all the potentials that could be.

For example, when you feel sad, angry or depressed, you judge it as ‘bad’ and something to avoid. When you feel happy, successful and joyful, you judge it as ‘good’ and something to maintain. But no energy stays consistent because then it lacks the potential to grow. The highest expression of energy is to let it flow naturally and not attach judgments to it along the way. When the feelings of sadness, anger and depression appear, allow them to flow and allow yourself to express the emotion with the intention of not doing harm to others.When the feelings of happiness and joy emerge, allow them to flow as well and be willing to share this energy with the intention of bringing the same to others.

The true secret to emotional energy is that it is a starting point, not an ending point. Choose to see it this way and you will experience greater power in your ability to love, accept and heal yourself. When you judge the feelings, you are essentially putting a dam in the river and creating a back-up of inner resistance. Yet energy does not stop moving, and when it is held back it still must go somewhere, so it stays in the human body, circulating and moving around, looking for a release in some form. When it is not released, the energy begins to turn on itself and creates other conditions in the human body that show themselves as other forms of energy.

Own the energy you carry at every moment. Own it powerfully and with full acceptance that it is natural. Own the energy as it moves through you with the wisdom that there is nothing to judge at all. It is simply the movement of energy as it is made to exist and be experienced. You are not wrong, bad or less for feeling the full spectrum of emotions that humans are made to experience. In fact, it is the secret to your absolute highest power because it connects you to each other and will bring about your greatest healing.”

~ From The Law of Energy free 12-page PDF worksheet

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