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Where You Are Is Where You Need To Be

Posted on March 17, 2012 at 2:40 PM

A worthwhile journey is composed of many phases. We seek the most joyful phases as the ones to experience over and over again, but it is often the times where joy cannot be readily felt that we are pushing ourselves to grow past our unconscious programming and into a new land of potentials. This is the place we are opening to right now: an emerging valley of unlimited potentials at our feet with rivers of fresh Love flowing along, fields of bright blossoming dreams, and sweet joy floating in the air.

In this new land, the energies of 2012 will continue to push us forward forcefully. The year will progress with more intensity, changes, and opportunities to evolve anything and everything that is not in alignment with our highest Self. Anything residing in the energies of denial, avoidance, secrets, and fear will be continually brought to the light for re-examination and attention.

This past week was a beautiful example of solar flare energy hitting the earth's atmosphere and breaking up (read: absolutely destroying) what we are holding on to that can be released if we choose to do so. Did you feel it? Did you experience a mixture of old energies coupled with new energies you wish to know more deeply? It is a time of energetic medleys and the highest purpose of these interactions lies in choice.

We are being called to truly release, release, release all the lower energies we no longer need to go forward with us. For some, this has been a process of many on-going years of work that seems to be never-ending. Yet quantum progress is happening at numerous energetic levels beyond the five senses' abilities to grasp. What will you choose to intentionally add to your journey now, and what will you choose to fully let go of with Love?

What it looks like in the Real World:

- Instant, unconscious reactions that feel highly uncomfortable as their are occurring and in hindsight

- A need for distance and completion in some relationships

- Finding yourself speaking words that don't sound like "the new you"

- Growing discomfort and negativity in a workplace, with colleagues, and/or with professional responsibilities

- Electronics breaking down and needing to be upgraded

- Questioning "things" you used to accept easily and readily

- Needing more ways to move your body and expand it's abilities to keep energy flowing through you

This journey was never going to be linear, calm, or predictable. And that is exactly whey you are here! To experiment, to try, to explore possibilities, to contribute your wisdom for the good of all. On a Soul level, you are here to make new choices when you are ready for them. And perhaps those whispers are getting louder?

We can create internal conflict, drama and uncertainty for ourselves when we start going down the path of "shoulds" and "if only..." It's a seductive mental process that provides escapism. Yet ultimately it takes us away from our power in the present.

The truth is that where you are at this moment in time is where you need to be. Your energy is needed right where you are. Nothing is being missed. Nothing has been overlooked. Nothing is "wrong". All is well.

For the parts of you that need reassurance of your power, claim it at this time. Do not wait for the best days, the right words, a certain outcome, or a particular person to give you confirmation of it. Remind yourself of your powerful Beingness at any moment by simply stating, outloud:

"I claim my power in all areas of my life now. I claim the highest possible growth for myself at this time. I am acting with my full powerful here and now. I am the highest expression of my Light now and I share it with Love for the good of All."

When you claim your power in every phase of the journey, regardless of external circumstances, you connect to it at all energetic levels. It expands, circulates, and multiplies beautiful. This initiation must come from you.

The week ahead brings a new surge of energy to catapult us all forward on our paths. If you feel any of the lower energies creeping in, make the conscious choice to claim your power at that exact moment. It's exactly where you need to be and is providing you with the opportunity to make a new choice that is in alignment with your highest good.

This phase of the journey supports your free will to choose what you need when you are ready. It is a crucial part of Soul growth and is an on-going gift with this expanding energy. All is in Divine Order. You are always in Divine Order.

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