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Abundance Exists in All Things

Posted on March 23, 2012 at 11:45 AM

“It is an excellent time to begin releasing more deeply the programming that has controlled humanity for centuries. The beliefthat you must work hard for anything has been valuable in some respects and is part of a grander story around human evolution. But as it relates to the Law of Abundance, there has never been lack around you. There have simply been those who have controlled the abundance.

There have always been thousands of leaves on the trees, hundreds of trees in the forest and millions of acres of forest on the planet. The existence of abundance in all things is not new. Instead, it is your expanding consciousness that has opened you up to the ways you have been controlled by money, specifically, and how you have connected it to power. This power, used to create fear, has then determined whether you believe yourself to be worthy of receiving. It has also determined your definition of power and how to exist as powerful individuals standing side-by-side with each other. The truth is that you have always been powerful. Now you are ready to truly live as Divine creators of abundance in your life. There is no other natural way for you to exist.

To be clear, money is not the issue around abundance. Money is simply a form of energy that you created to balance the giving and receiving of talents, gifts and ideas. To receive money is important in a world that requires you to live through paying bills. Abundance exists above and beyond the world of numbers. It is an energy that includes money, but is not determined by it.

A reoccurring theme you will notice in implementing the Universal Spiritual Laws is the use of judgment. Judgment is an energy that stops the flow of other energy. The human mind can implement judgment at any time and this is most often how free will is used. It has been an effective way of demonstrating power for centuries. To begin releasing the need to judge anything will open you up to greater abundance than you have ever known. Most importantly, to stop judging yourself is how you will truly create the life of your dreams and connect to the abundance of the Universe that is rightfully and Divinely yours. You are here to be beautiful, powerful individuals living the life of your dreams. At your Soul level, abundance is the only way you know.”

Read more about the Law of Abundance and grab the free 12-page PDF worksheet here!



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