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A Facebook Fan Page Story

Posted on February 18, 2014 at 4:05 PM

Let’s travel back in time to a year called 2011. I launched my Facebook Fan Page with nervous excitement, and clapped wildly to myself in front of the computer when the LIKES surpassed 100. (100 people!!!! OMG!!!!)

In 2012, I hustled to gain FB LIKES. I hustled A LOT. EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY. I advertised to my niche market, wrote TONS of articles and guest posts, marketed my heart out, and shared, shared, shared everywhere.

The payoff? 1,000 LIKES!!!! OM FREAKIN’ YES!! (Plug your ears.)

In complete transparency, I advertised my FB page with FB ads to get LIKES. This was when FB ads were a new phenomenon and I could target my ad to a lot of people easily. The trend I noticed was that after placing a legitimate FB ad, I received many new LIKES within 24 hours and then the numbers declined rapidly. But I was reaching my target audience and we were engaging, sharing, commenting. Oh, the moments we shared together! 2012 was a beautiful year for Facebook Fan Pages, friends.

A year later, with continued efforts, I hit 10,000 LIKES and it blew my freakin’ mind! A milestone! A pay-off for all of that hard work! Social media rocks! Pop the bubbly! (Fist pump.)

Then, by mid-2013, I slowed down. I stopped hustling. My energy sank more and more on FB. I looked around and shook my head. No more clapping at the computer.


Because I didn’t like how the Numbers Game made me FEEL. Like what I had was never enough. Or it could be higher. Or I could do more. Or I could try something NEW and amazing.

I regularly thought that other people knew a magical secret that I needed to discover.  Because if they were getting thousands of LIKES in a week, they must be doing something incredible, right? How did they have 30,000 LIKES and 60,000 “people talking about this”? Was there a secret club meeting going on and I wasn’t invited?

Or, another way to put it: I realized I had become unconsciously ADDICTED to numbers.

The relentlessness pace of trying to get, acquire, hit LIKE, and SHARE was changing my brain.

Like a druggie needing another hit – “JUST GIVE ME 10 MORE LIKES and 5 MORE SHARES, maaan! Come ooonnnnn, I’m begging you!”

In 2013, it became harder and harder to acquire new LIKES than ever before. FB ads went up in price as more people and companies discovered their effectiveness. My FB ad budget ran out quicker. The Newsfeed was less about “real time updates from real people” and more about paid announcements.

Then what happened?

Around the time I stopped hustling for FB LIKEs, the FB algorithm changed again. Just look at your Newsfeed and you’ll see that there are more paid ads than ever before. Which is great and fine because FB is a business and it should make money. Facebook employees need to buy their Whole Food groceries, too. I get that.


My hard-earned 10,000+ LIKES from REAL PEOPLE in 2011, 2012, and 2013 appeared to diminish in value.

FB reduced the importance on “organic” posting and now they want page owners to pay to promote posts to their audience. So, I, the Ever Willing Marketer, did this and received great results – LIKES, Comments, and Shares rolled in. Awesome! I can keep this strategy in my marketing budget, no problem. Mild clapping at the computer.

But the next time I shared a stellar post and I did NOT pay to promote it, guess what?

Crickets. Nothing. “15 people saw this post.”

Facebook is now training me to pay for Newsfeed space to connect with my REAL audience.

In other words, I worked really hard to legitimately connect with 10,000+ people, but now those people won't see my posts on their Newsfeed and I can only connect with them via more dolla-dolla-dollar bills.

And don’t even get me started on Fake LIKES (FIKES?).

Now someone – ANYONE – can get 10K+ LIKEs in mere hours. Seriously, I saw a page transform overnight. Her FB page spiked up to 10K after she paid $50 and a robot gave her thousands of FIKES. But her page is a ghost town.

Which brings us to engagement levels.

My engagement levels were dropping because my posts stopped showing up in the Newsfeed. How can you make a brilliant comment if you can’t see the brilliant post? I used to have a lot more LIKES and Shares and Comments than I do now. Something big changed when I stopped paying for ads, the Facebook algorithm was altered, and click farms that generate FIKES became more rampant.The perfect storm, if you will.

The FB game has irrevocably changed, friends. It went from EARNING a connection to a real audience to buying thousands of LIKES from fake computers or fake accounts who LIKE everything. Fake LIKES (FIKES!) from our friends in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Linka have become the norm for countless sites, including celebrities, public figures, services, brands, and companies. In short, it would be wise to assume that most Fan Pages have FIKES.

I never wanted thousands of LIKES just to have a high FB number (I’m not that kind of girl). I wanted to CONNECT with thousands of awesome peeps that I could inspire, assist, and be of service to in some way. Isn't that what social media is all about? But perhaps pay-to-play is becoming the new standard.

Let’s be real: Facebook WANTS you to be addicted to the Numbers Game. They have a lot to gain so why would they alter this strategy and go back to the glory days of 2012 before they were an IPO? (Okay, maybe not THEIR glory days, but I can be subjective about this.)

So I’ve decided to be stronger than this Numbers Game. I’m not going to worry about the FIKES, or overspend on paid ads, or concern myself with the numbers because I know what the numbers represent to me.

My FB Fan Page is not reflective of everything I share, give, offer. Facebook LIKEs don’t reveal the heartfelt, private emails from readers opening up and saying how one of my books validated their experience. Or how the radio show topic was just what they needed this week. Social media numbers don’t reflect the huge transformation my clients experience from an astrology session or that they now feel encouraged to follow a certain path in their life.These private connections will always outweigh the public image.

This perspective is also how I approach other FB Fan Pages. We can't allow ourselves to be swayed only by the numbers anymore; connect with the content! Amazing people might not have thousands of LIKEs, but so what! It doesn’t demonstrate their total worth or awesomeness.

Marketing hasn’t really changed. You still need to develop quality connections with your peeps. The shortcuts might look seductive, but they don’t work in the long run. Just like I worked hard to build up my FB page, I will continue to work hard to promote my books and radio show and blog posts and classes and connect with global clients. And I will continue to work hard to be of service. That payback and those results will not show up on Facebook. Again, the public numbers will never tout the private impact.

So what is the takeaway from this Facebook Fan Page Story? How can we come to grips with the reality of this changing pay-to-play landscape?

Go back to where it all started for you. Connect with the original feeling and intentions of your FB page.

For me, that still involves clapping at the computer when someone shares, or LIKES, or comments, or sends me a private message. I’ve consciously released my addiction to the numbers and have returned to the place of feeling genuine joy for REAL connections.

I’ve returned to feeling huge gratitude.

Gratitude for the unlimited opportunities that social media provides indie authors.

Gratitude for the REAL PEOPLE out there who Liked my page, even if they never see it again in their newsfeed.

Gratitude for understanding how the game is played now and choosing where I want to direct my energy going forward. There are so many choices available to us! What an exciting time to get creative and try an innovative approach.

Gratitude for the realistic understanding that Facebook has a vested interest in Fan Pages getting more LIKES – so do they really want to be the Bad Guy to click farms and fake LIKEs? Both Facebook and the Fake Guys are playing this game, but for different pay-offs. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Gratitude for not feeling down because another page got 80,000+ LIKES in a week and I only had one new LIKE.

Gratitude for all of the people who connect AUTHENTICALLY and regularly.

Gratitude for this YouTube video explaining the situation beautifully.

Gratitude for every person who organically shares or comments on my posts. (SHAMELESSLY encouraging you to do so now.)

Gratitude for being brand new to Google+.

And gratitude for Facebook because it really has been a beautiful blessing in numerous ways. I will continue to post and share daily. Many people have successful FB Fan Pages and they are inspiring me to learn more. We’re all in this together, after all. Isn’t that the point of social media in the first place?

There are numerous NEW creative ways to connect with people on FB, and I’m exploring those strategies now on my page. Every time we experience change, it is a beautiful opportunity to innovate! This motivates me! (Clapping my hands at the computer again.)

Stay on top of your social media game. Be ready for change and innovation. Expect that you'll always have something new to learn. And don't get trapped into the Numbers Game as the only demonstration of your work. There will ALWAYS be a bigger number out there to obtain. Always. Come from a place of confidence and pride in your creation, and you will find the right audience that wants your messages. I can even help you with all of this through my new free Author Awesomeness courses.

But I have made one significant change in all of this.

I UNLIKED Facebook’s own Facebook page. They can buy themselves more LIKES for all I care.

* Friends, I published five books in 2013 as an indie author and obtained bestseller status for each book. I've learned a lot about social media for authors. If I can help you save time and energy with your project, please check out my Multimedia Advertising Services and we'll start a conversation about collaborating for success!

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