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Full Moon in Virgo: Clean Up, Let Go, Get Ready!

Posted on March 13, 2014 at 7:25 PM

As the Sun moves through the final degrees of Pisces until March 19, we are completing an energetic journey that started twelve months ago. Where were you one year ago this month? It may even be hard to remember specifics because of how much has changed and accelerated in this timeline.

More importantly, where are you feeling nudged to “clear off your desk” before a new cycle begins? What do you need to get rid of, throw out, or release because it feels stale, outdated, or too small? Anything that makes you uncomfortable in some way is showcasing an energetic disalignment. Remembering to release, allow, exfoliate, and be in the flow are essential daily practices.

The Virgo Full Moon at 26 degrees reveals how you’ve been tending to daily matters and the physical world while also balancing your spiritual wellbeing, including knowing when to let go and trust.

If anything is causing you stress right now, focus on how you can balance your expectations and find greater ease. Turn worry into affirmative prayer. Speak about a matter as if it is already perfectly solved and complete: “I feel peace around the perfection of my financial situation now.”

This Full Moon is an excellent time to clean up your energy field: physically, mentally, spiritually. Look at what no longer serves a purpose in each of these areas - and throw it out in the spirit of spring cleaning! More accurately, transmute it into a higher expression of self-love, acceptance and joy.

Virgo and Pisces share the theme of “responsibility” – Virgo can feel responsibility for every detail; Pisces can feel responsibility for everyone. The lower expressions of this theme show up as martyrdom, blame, escapism, and resentment: Why am I doing all the work? Why am I the one who cares the most?

If you have any of that subconscious programming showing up this weekend, see it as a potential for grand transformation. Time to transmute those expressions into higher perspectives that incorporate  Forgiveness, Compassion, and Self-Love.

Make a commitment to implement greater trust in the fact that you’re always exactly where you need to be - and doing the very best you can. Call forth personal compassion. Don’t allow the Inner Critic or Relentless Perfectionist to run the show. Consciously stop it in its tracks and put it in the light of Love.

Be responsible with your time, energy, and thoughts. Bigger things are ahead and you don't want to be distracted by inconsequential matters!

A powerful new cycle begins on March 20, the Spring Equinox, followed by a super-charged Aries New Moon on March 30. Then we enter April, a game-changer month packed with two eclipses, a Cardinal Grand Cross, and the fifth Pluto-Uranus square. The more you purify now, the more open you’ll be to receive the incoming blasts!  And are we ready for incredible upgrades and amazing developments, or what?

The energetic imprint of April is all about The Big Bang Theory, which was originally shared in the 2014 Spiritual Themes.

And in the spirit of new beginnings! I will be sharing with you a new format to my astrology forecasts starting with the Spring Equinox next week. You’ll receive an astrological report for each Sun sign, including the New Moon and Full Moon energies, and intuitive insights about how to make the most of each phase.

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