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New World Order of Service

Posted on December 19, 2011 at 1:10 PM

"Leaps in spiritual growth occur when what was unconscious is brought to your awareness and shown to you as something you are ready to elevate in some manner. This begins at the Soul level first when your Higher Self knows it is in your best interest to receive new information that will greatly contribute to your expansion of personal power by healing Soul lessons that you agreed to master before arriving in physical form. When something is brought to your consciousness it is because you are ready to focus on this area of mastery.

At this time, many are preparing for the New World Order of Higher Consciousness around the globe. You see this new energy breaking out around you with protests, questions, anger and demands. These actions are simply starting points for the energy. It will continue to evolve in higher, more refined ways as those holding and supporting the light of increased consciousness will direct where the energy flows. Although it may appear that this energy is alive in town squares, on the news and “over there” in other places far from you, it is actually alive within each of you to varying degrees. It is a collective source of energy that is coming to your conscious awareness at a Divine time. It is part of your agreement to be human right now and to support this flow of Divine energy as it restores power within each individual, not within individual sources of power.

It is crucial to understand the best ways that you can harmonize your inner light with the collective change as you re-member your true power more fully. We have a three-step process to assist you with these transformational times as a type of guide book to the remarkable changes your Soul is eager to give you.

1. Remove your energy from structures, relationships and situations that no longer support your highest good. Many of you have been experiencing life-changing shifts in relationships, jobs, living situations, financial support and family dynamics for years. All of these changes are a reflection of the deep inner work that is occurring at a core level within your energetic structures. You are being removed from places where you no longer fit. You are choosing to remove yourself at a Soul level even if your human self is experiencing other emotions around loss, grief, hurt and fear. These are all normal steps along the way and are to be expected. Do not judge yourself for your capacity to feel emotions.

The bigger message is that it is time to remove yourself from areas of life you have been unconsciously supporting. Be diligent in observing where you are giving energy unconsciously to support others on their journey. Who are you trying to save? Where are you giving unheard advice? How are you spending money on others? Who are you trying to convince that your way is the only way? For centuries you have played the role of supporter, healer, teacher, parent, guide, martyr, and leader. Those days of giving your energy freely to others as the direction for their path is over. Remove your energy with Love so they can begin to use their own energy to its highest ability. This is the best gift you can give anyone.

2. Contain your energy within your being. You are enough. You have enough. You are equipped with everything you need for this leg of the trip. As a result, all others are equally equipped with everything they need as well. Contain your light in your body vessel to allow it to shine brighter and more clearly. Allow others to do the same by not adding your light to theirs. They are able to shine brightly on their own and when you add your energy to theirs, you may be unknowingly diluting their power of Self. This is a time for being in your own skin fully and completely. To be human means to know yourself in this way. Contain your energy and know that when you do so, you benefit all around you by showing them how to do it as well.

3. Create from a place of contained, bright energy. After removing your energy from others and containing it in your own vessel, you are able to create from a place of pure joy as never before. You are using the purest source of your light to make beautiful offerings for others as a form of service. The new world order of personal power and genuine light is a place for you to create everything in your heart that you have imagined. It is a time to use the most powerful places of your Soul as a source of creative joy and sharing. The best service you can offer others comes from this place of pure authenticity.

The previous world order relied on the strong helping the weak, a leader to guide followers, and a healer to perform work for the ailing. Dear ones, this time is over because you know that all are powerful. All have an inner compass to guide themselves. All are equipped with healing potential and power that they are slowly realizing is theirs to own. There is no need for forms of service that perpetuate that some human beings are more powerful than others. That message has been part of the game for too long. And that is what you are here to change. You are here to remember that you have everything you need – and you always have.

Understand as well that your need to be of assistance is about you. Your need to take care of others is a reflection of something within your being and Soul. Perhaps the release of this need will elevate you to new levels of mastery. Perhaps releasing the caretaking model will allow another Soul to fully tap into their greatest power. Perhaps removing and releasing yourself from others’ light is exactly what you agreed to do at this time. Do you remember?

As you move forward into a new year, honor each individual on their path by remembering that their Soul is guiding them home. Their Soul is assisting them in performing every agreement they are here to learn. Their Soul is their companion in the highest possible ways and for their highest possible good. It is now time for you to get on with the service of your Soul, living your light and creating with Love and Joy. You are at the forefront of the New World Order of Service because you agreed to pave the way. You also agreed to release and honor everyone else to pave their own way, as well.

You are the master of your journey. You are the journey to mastery. All is in Divine order at all times."


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