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June 19th New Moon in Gemini

Posted on June 18, 2012 at 6:55 PM

Gemini is the sign of the twins, so how appropriate that we have two New Moons in Gemini this year. This is a rare occurrence and only further emphasizes the need to break out of old thought patterns and raise the vibrations of our mind to higher levels. Allow your curiosity to guide you to new communication practices and ways to express yourself. Branch out and make the most of any new insights that raise your personal awareness.

This second New Moon in Gemini is a check-in point to what you initiated with the first Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse on May 20th. What have you noticed about your mental patterns and how you express yourself? What themes are habitually coming up for you at this time? Set intentions around your communication style. Open up to new ways of sharing your thoughts, your ideas, your gifts.

This New Moon at 29 degrees of Gemini is directly opposite the Galactic Center and the Mayan Calendar completion date of December 21st. We are further activating energies that will carry us forward into a new world that is constantly being created by our thoughts. Your ideas matter. How you interact with others matters. How you communicate with yourself, consciously and unconsciously, matters more than ever now. Our minds hold our inner lives and we are seeing these internal worlds manifest outside of ourselves faster and easier than ever before.

Mercury rules this New Moon, and it is making its way through sweet, emotive Cancer. However Mercury is coming up against a square with taskmaster Saturn in Libra, so our words may have additional emotional energy behind them. We are being asked to balance our communication style with mature expression and not allow unconscious fears to direct conversations. This could show up as criticism and harsh words from an authority figure, but try to objectively learn from any exchange. It's not personal. 

The energy of this New Moon is a bit fleeting because it is at the last degree of Gemini and then we move into Cancer the following day. Cancer energy brings us back to our home, emotional foundation, and where we go to feel nurtured. It is a step away from our mental pursuits (Gemini) and a time to determine if our needs are being met so we feel safe and secure in the world. Astrologically, Cancer is the first water sign and is associated with our primal emotional expressions. This New Moon will pinpoint what thoughts are out of alignment with your needs and how emotional responses will signal an area of potential growth within.

This New Moon also holds the imprint of the first exact Pluto- Uranus square on June 24th. Unlike daily astrological transits, this energy has been working with us since July 2011. It is not “new” in a sense, but it is becoming more intense. Many social, economic and political issues from 2011 are not over; in fact, they are just beginning. Consider last summer the appetizer to the main course that is being served up now.

So what does it all mean? If you read my message about the June energies, you know this month is an entry point to bigger developments over the next three years. Change is the name of the game and all bets are off about how the world will drastically transition.

At an individual level, this is a key time in our lives (yes, LIVES; not just this year or this decade) for personal growth, transformation and revolution. You can stand still and resist, but it’s not advised; this is the time to go for it! Take a risk, dare to jump, put yourself out there, be curious about the possibilities in your life. You are supported in making your dreams come true if you are willing to commit and move in that direction. It's likely you may reference this summer for years as a significant transformational point in your life.

Regardless of what is happening in the world around you, you always have control over your thoughts. You always have the ability to call in greater levels of peace and to calm your minds unconscious pursuits. Focus on nurturing your inner world more as you move forward towards the direction of your dream life.   

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