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The End of Illusions

Posted on March 22, 2011 at 3:40 AM

"This time is about the end of illusions. The end of hidden stories,hidden ideas, hidden ways, hidden truths. The word Truth has a lot of power,and yet it is astonishing how many are accustomed to covering up their truth in the name of "safety." Being safe is not about covering up the truth of who you truly are at all. Are you willing to release that illusion? It will be harder and harder to cover up anything that is not in complete alignment with who you are and what your soul purpose is. Instead of putting effort towards anything that does not bring you joy, choose what brings you ultimate joy and leave the rest behind.

As you walk in the world, there will be widening gaps between those who are walking in personal truth and those who are not. Many are losing jobs, homes, incomes, financial stability, relationships and ways of living as a result of this widening gap. It is not meant to be a lesson in loss so much as it is a lesson in personal purpose and soul growth. The mind will choose to evaluate and the heart will choose to feel the experience - this is normal. But rise above it and look from a higher perspective at the changes that are occurring and you will see that this has been the way your life has always been - change, retraction, removal, upgrades. The only difference is that right now the illusion of what you want can no longer be hidden from you nor anyone else. It is time for complete integrity and declaration of who you are and what you want. Nothing else will stick.

Have you looked at the word "lesson" before? It is an interesting word to consider as it begins with "less," which is typically the feeling associated with unexpected change. Then consider "on" as a form of movement, energy and the ability to "get on with it" after such changes occur. If you approach every change with the mentality that it is ultimately happening for your best and highest good, you will connect to the "get on with it" part much faster. And there is certainly a lot to move towards as more and more people are finally receiving the rewards they have been waiting years for. It is an exciting time to reap the goods of universal change.

If this message is connecting to you and raising your curiosity, then there is something here speaking to an innate wisdom inside of you. This innate wisdom is ready for a voice and outlet. This is the part of you that has an eternal knowingness about your purpose in the world. Trust that knowingness. Allow new ideas to come up and marinate in your mind. Allow yourself to dream about the life you truly want, and then allow yourself the time to brainstorm those possibilities. As you do, the intention will grow and the next course of action will be clear.

It starts with a willingness to change and release illusions that are holding you "safe." The only true safety is in yourself, so walk in the world knowing that everything you need is already inside of you. It's time for the awakening to truly begin. It's time for the illusions to disappear so your true purpose shows you the only way to be in the world. As you receive changes and breakthroughs this month, know that integrity, honesty and truth are the only ways to act. Everything else will fall away."

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